Month: April 2016

Finally able to finish this chapter!

This was intended to be posted around 7-8 hours ago but i fell asleep when i lied down the bed for a short instance. I maybe posting more chapters soon as i feel my proficiency had increased and after translating that POV chapter from Tsuki ga Michibiku, i felt that these chapters were shorter in comparison. I was also staying at RaisingTheDead’s chatbox and found another project that I may work on after finishing the POV chapters of Tsuki ga Michibiku. The novel was recommended by mranonRTD.

Thanks to again to Thor for editing chapters 1 through 5. I’ll be updating them by tomorrow and update the credits or above it so that you would know. I’m somehow confident that I’ve made very few errors doing this chapter.

Here is Chapter 7  – An invitation from him

Translator: Roaclaynous
Editor: Thor

Here is the POV Chapter of Rinon, Toa’s sister. Events that transpired here was happening between Chapter 20 and 26 so you might want to read it first at Reigo’s site here if you’ve already forgotten what had happened at the first human settlement that Makoto had visited.


This Chapter Fits into the entry of 26.5


This is 3-4 times the lenght of the normal chapter in Kenja no Tsurugi so it took sometime before i was able to finish this. I’ll be working on Mio’s Encounter POV next after i post 2 or 3 chapters of my original project.


For you not to get confused with a few things. 絶野ぜつや is called Zenno if you read it normally but the author seemed to have wanted it to be read as ‘Zetsuya’. so i used ‘Zetsuya’ instead of ‘Zenno’. Author-san seems to like to enter into a new line after he finished typing a sentence so i kept it that way.
Well then, without further ado, I present you Rinon’s POV titled “Hyuman, The Truth and an Encounter ~Rinon~”


This is the 1st chapter(basically 6th) of the story after the prologue. Story is mostly written in the MC’s point of view but we are at least having actual conversations now. As you may have heard i’m also working on the POV chapters of Moon Led journey(still at 20% completion) which is 2-3 times longer than that of a chapter from  Kenja no Tsurugi so I’ll only be having this chapter posted for this week. A lot of RL Work are still coming through my desk but hopefully i’ll be back to updating a chapter every 3-4 days by next week.

I tried my best to not deviate how the phrases and words were written so expect a lot of “….” and “――”. I’m still your translator/editor for this chapter by the way. ― Roaclaynous

Update: I express my thanks to Thor for Editing this chapter.

Translator  ― Roaclaynous
Editor  ― Thor