Month: June 2016

Translator’s Greetings:
Yes it has been a long time… Sorry for the long absence as you can see the reason from the post i had made before taking my leave. Do we already had a replacement for the guy that resigned? no we haven’t so at best, I can only do TL during most of my Rest Days now. For those looking for POV chapters, please wait a bit more as I will be on on my rest day for Tuesday and I will focus on that now. Now for those waiting for An update for Kenja no Tsurugi, here is the tenth chapter.

(To be honest i got a bit stuck on this chapter due to some phrases.)

If i have some errors in my editing feel free to correct me. Thanks!

P.S.  I’m new with translating and given that, I won’t be translating 100% correct but I will do my best to have it as  close as it is to the original text. Link to the original novel is available here at the chapter index.

Translator: Roaclaynous
Initial Editing: Roaclaynous