About me

Greetings everyone! Thank you for your time in visiting this side.

My name is Roaclaynous, you can call me Roa for short as the original one is actually a mouthful even for me.

Now some of you may ask why i’m translating right? I’m actually learning Japanese and I’m still at a level between N4 & N5 so I’m using this translation project of mine as a way to keep what i learn and practice. Since this is actually my first time translating blocks of text, I will not 100% ensure that my translations are correct. However I will still do my best to keep it as close as what it really intends it to be… thus the reason why i usually take time in some sentences.

I’m very happy to see that a lot are taking interest in my main project “Sword of the Philosopher” as this is actually a great read for me yet no one is translating it despite having an LN publication and more than 300 chapters already. So I plan to really reach the latest chapters if I ever increase my pace or once i reach a level where I’m no longer using the dictionary that much to search for words.

I’m doing this on my free time or whenever I’m up for it so at best i can only promise to release 1 or 2 chapter every week. Although i can speak English very well, I have problems in regards to composition(writing stories) so you may usually see mistakes but I still try my best to have it flowing or to make much more sense.

Currently on this blog, I will only be your Translator Roaclaynous. However I was very fortunate to have someone editing the chapters that I post so depending on his actual consent, Thor will currently be the official Editor for Sword of the Philosopher.

P.S. I may work on some separate titles but that depends on my motivation and enthusiasm as it’s also a good practice to change the pace sometimes. 🙂