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Here is Chapter 7  – An invitation from him

Translator: Roaclaynous
Editor: Thor

The time needed to recover from the mental-like damage that I have inflicted on myself took one whole day.

I want to scream “Dondakke!” ¹ and tsukkomi² myself by saying “No way, you’re telling me that you are mentally weak!?” But you see, a day had already passed and the wound seemed to have gotten deeper and in the inn that I was staying within the village, I could do nothing but writhe on top of the bed due to the awkward situation that had happened. Then somehow in one way or another, I was only able to recover the following day… Right now I recalled the plans that I had to do and made appropriate preparations afterwards.

If what I remembered according the story is correct, Fili and his party would proceed to the ruins and would take around half a day’s time getting to the ruins considering the distance, another half a day’s worth searching the ruins, and considering the time it would take to return… If they were somehow able to hasten the amount of time searching, a situation where they would be able to return to town today would somehow be possible.

Well, surely he took people along with him so dying shouldn’t be a problem but still, I continued to think about a couple of things… So in order for me to confirm the current state of things, I headed back into town.

I then took the same road and arrived at the Bar. At the entrance, I saw an open seat so I immediately took it and the waiter followed up afterwards to take my order. After ordering a light meal and water I surveyed the bar.
The people had somehow changed but as expected, it’s still the usual atmosphere. I, on the other hand, was frantically making myself not remember the previous events that when the attendant arrived with my sandwich, I was stuffing my cheeks with it.

Un, It’s obvious that I shouldn’t display a personality of a joke character and not be one but then I suddenly remembered…The Heroes, no matter how many times they visit the bar, the members are generally settled already. So as to say, naturally that’s how it goes in the game but; does it mean that those that were here previously would show up again?
I immediately started looking around and in a way, there are people freely going in and out. But as expected, it’s not that I clearly remember who the mob charters were but seeing that this isn’t actually the game itself so reproducing it and other similar things here would be difficult, is what I thought-.

The doors of the Bar had opened, and who appeared was Fili and his party. They were unexpectedly quick in returning so I continued my thoughts as I decided to observe their party and upon their arrival, they took a quick glance at the people inside and then proceeded to the shopkeeper behind the counter.
Like that, they proceeded to talk about a number of things. Within the noise that was surrounding me; I focused my ears into their place in order to pry their current state of affairs… before long I was able to hear the surprised voice of the shopkeeper.

It appears that they were somehow able to obtain the item that was within the ruins. I am still unsure if he would be the one to beat the “5 Great Demon Generals” but for the meantime, whether the current events occurring are in accordance to the game’s scenario, which I can now confirm.

It was not long afterwards that Fili’s remaining members left Bar. Fili’s “opening scenario” was the foundations of being an adventurer or something like that so having the party members switched every time was possible. Will you be going with the same members? Or would it be with some other adventurers that you’ll come across later… within those, I was also one of the possibilities.

The mental-like damage I received hasn’t recovered and still remains inside so I’m keeping myself prepared. Among those that can be chosen were Luon that was already an adventurer with a decent level, in addition to that was the relief-like aspect that he gives out. Basically I was to die along with the village when the raid occurs so the thing about him making me his comrade was non-existent but… no, this is my whim as a player but I feel that he would get stronger. However that would be for another story.

Fili was looking at every corner of the Bar continuously… I was somehow starting to get afraid and averted my eyes from him. This was different from being nervous. I completely recalled the previous conversation that came into existence and thought of what I really wanted to talk about.
At the edge of my vision was Fili inviting a different character than before so I set my eyes on them. Within the Bar was a female magician with an unusual black robe and red hair… fumu, if I’m not mistaken, her name was-.

While I was recalling what it was, unexpectedly, Fili’s eyes and mine met. I diligently kept my Poker Face… but whether I can keep it up or not, I definitely look suspicious so I averted my eyes and drank water.
Within the noise of the bar around me, I can hear the sounds of footsteps approaching. Eh? Wait a minute. The essence of being a Joke Character had already been embedded in me a few days ago and yet, is he really coming to me?

“Excuse me?”

And then Fili’s voice… was directed to me. Are you serious? Are you really serious?

“…Aa, aaa.”

In one way or another my voice that came out was the according to what I intended so I turned my neck and faced him.

“What is it?”
“My name is Fili…- You are, Ruon-san, right? I took a request to head towards the cave, won’t you try searching the place together with me?”
Surely it’s going to be that request… I frantically continued to keep the face that I had and then mentioned.

“Is it OK to ask? Why me?”

“The reason why I invited you was because you look like someone who has experience defeating various monsters. If that was the case, you would have an abundant amount of knowledge regarding them.”

…Certainly, I had to defeat various monsters in order to visit the places within every dungeon that I had inspected. However, how did you perceive those things those things as such through my appearance?
Presently Fili was more or less calling me out, it seems like I haven’t become a joke character yet… I was originally planning to make Fili acknowledge me as a reliable character in order see him face the unexpected interference ahead, making preparations beforehand would definitely best.

“…I understand.”
I gave him a nod. Fili responded with “I will be in your care” afterwards.

“Well then, we still need to invite other people… would it be fine with you to wait a little more outside?”

In agreement, I stood up and left my seat to proceed outside. Out there was the female warrior that he had parted ways with earlier.

Wearing leather armor, she had golden colored hair and blue eyes… a beauty that was as if she had come out of a painting, but she had exceedingly become more beautiful with her arms crossed that it would make you embarrassed to make eye contact.

“Is something wrong?”

She gave me a quizzical gaze. I was about to say “I’m sorry” but I was unable to do so due to the door cutting me off, I instead gave the response that I would provide afterwards.

“No, actually I was made to wait here. Are you also perhaps the same?”
“Ohhh, you are a person that was invited by Fili.”

She understood immediately so… I tried to pull out her name afterwards from my head.

Etto, her name is Coly Nausen if I’m not mistaken. In itself she has a known for her status, her strength and growth ratio is completely that of a key character and was high enough to be the ranked 5th among the possible companions of the Heroes. One of her weaknesses was that she had low defense for magic. Although having both elements for magic and physical in defense was better, I continued to use her until the end once but, not being able to compensate for the low defense in magic was very difficult.

Well… I was able to obtain an item that compensates for it in the game so anyone can technically get stronger and it’s really just a matter of which character would receive your affection but… while I was thinking about that, Fili had come out. Following him was a female with red hair.

That girl was again another beauty… her name is Katie Itette. A Magician with balanced defense and a very capable character that can also use support magic like healing with precise application. Although her parameters as you call it would pale in comparison to others by the latter end of the journey and ends being a jack of all trades… well despite that, her fighting abilities up until the end are plenty enough.

“Well then, for this time, let’s go with these members.”
Was what Fili said. Even though this is the first time we’ve partied with each other, the mood somehow feels calm and that of a party that had shared many battles together.

This was undoubtedly because of Fili’s presence right? Isn’t it good to say that it’s as one would expect from a Hero… thinking about it carefully, everyone had blended into the party smoothly so Fili most probably has something that attracts people. If that was not so then he wouldn’t be able to re-arrange a party with such a composition this easily.

After gathering up we proceeded with simple introductions of our selves. For the time being whether I would fumble with my words… I was quite nervous but, somehow I prevented it from showing in my face.

“Since everything’s settled, after finishing our meals in the morning tomorrow, we’ll be meeting again at this place. As for me, I’ll need to gather the things we’ll be in need of so I’ll go ahead first”

This was what Fili had informed us and the two females nodded in confirmation, I followed in consent a little late afterwards. And like that, the temporary party was dismissed.

So all things considered, I’ll be acting along the Hero Fili… How strong he currently is and his way of fighting, this would be an excellent chance to observe and try to make witness of a lot of his actions. Incidentally when I was speaking with them, I was placing a great effort as to not be labeled or turned into a joke character… well in the end, I decided to not think deeply on it.

Editor’s Notes:
Dondakke!: ‘This much!’ or ‘I’ve had enough!’
Tsukkomi: a ‘straight man’ reply to gag like line.


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