We Live in Dragon’s Peak

Translator’s Greetings:
First of, Sorry for being gone and no, this isn’t sword of the philosopher. This is We Live in Dragon’s Peak
A lot of things happen on the first week and the upcoming holidays doubled my load. Along with that, my drive with the translations I’m working on got nuked(No longer working) so I’m practically disheartened with TLing chapters for SotP (And with my drive) and played the new games I had to have a positive vibe (Why did this happen indeed).

I will still continue Philosopher, I will be getting a new drive tomorrow or the day after and do a chapter as much as I can afterwards. Anyways, enjoy this chapter. I’ll be making a separate post for announcements, see you later~

This chapter is self edited so feel free to point out anything.

Extra Note: I will be translating this from now on. This has harem  romance on it and the other one is…. well i won’t spoil. I’ve already asked meow permission to do this  :3

P.S. I won’t be translating 100% correct but I will do my best to have it as close as it is to the original text. I haven’t made a link page yet so go to site of Meow~ for the list of earlier chapters and details.

Translator: Roaclaynous
Initial Editing: Roaclaynous (Editing as I go on TLing xD)
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