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That day, nothing you may call special was being done so I just loitered around town for some time. And So―When Fili, the only hero at this time dived into the dungeon once again… It finally marked the start of the event.

The number of times I had prepared for the sake of avoiding my death was something I can no longer count or remember. But even so… there’s this anxiety within me and one other thing that I worry about.

In this particular event, Our Hero Fili would not make it in time and would arrive after the event already took place. This was the scenario made to push an obligation-like feeling unto him. The circumstances of how and when and where this event will happen is something I have no knowledge of so in the worst case scenario… having a large amount of casualty was possible.

Since I am here, the casualties can be lessened to some extent by my interference but after pondering the outcome… changes from the original plans were bound to take place, this was considering the amount of time we had left.

Fili and his party won’t be returning anytime soon so if we judge the amount of adventurers and villagers within the tavern, starting off a small rumor may provide some kind of help.

“The movements of monsters are somehow weird. For the time being… wouldn’t be better to have someone be on a lookout?”

I announced. Well even though I’ve said that much, the people around me only responded with a ‘Understood’ expression yet not a single one of them stepped forward for the task. Despite giving off such a warning, surely they’ll have no enthusiasm to go out and do it considering that it’s ‘this’ town we’re talking about. Even if I tell them the movements of monsters had already increased or better yet, tell them that an attack by demons would happen after this… surely there’s no way that they would believe me.

Seeing that a warning came from an adventurer, I had a shed of expectation that they would somehow have an assumption… I then started to loiter around town once again as I continued to ponder― before long, noon had already arrived and at that very moment, I felt that a definite change had occurred.

Facing towards the northern sky… somehow… something is coming. One of the adventurers also detected the anomaly and shouted about that afterwards, people all around the place started to take a look and confirm what it was. I too strained and focused my eyes towards a part of it and seeing it at a glance, I see large flocks of birds… surely they’re birds right?

As it gradually approached, a figure similar to that of a person started to take shape.

“…It’s the Demons!!!”

An adventurer shouted. Simultaneously, all of the surrounding people started to run and within the town, news of the demons and warnings started to spread out.

The Demons are seen grouping together in preparation for an attack… such stories were presently at the level of rumors. The Demon Lord’s influence had frown towards the north and such circumstances had already existed then…. Was this not to be out of the expectations agreeable?

For this very reason, the people in town were starting to move with confusion in their hearts. In the time while the demons are still approaching, adventurers are taking up arms and went into a state of preparation to allow the villagers to take refuge.

From the game, Fili and the others were timed to return at a point where the demons had already been intercepted by the town. However… at that time, I saw light. A white light came forth and it was surrounding the demons…No, it’s different. That is―

“― It’s a spell!”

I shouted. Following it, the light was clad in fire and turned it’s shaped into spears. Immediately, the surrounding adventurers ordered the villagers with haste to start hiding.

The number of spears was… roughly amounting to ten. After trying to think about it, the possibility of severing all the flames was possible… However If I were to do such a thing at our current situation, it was not far off that I would be called the Hero. With that being the likely outcome, the battle with the demons would strangely be set-up and forget the Hero, focus of the central figures would be directed to me.

I have the means to severe them… and yet upon the raining spears of fire, maneuvered myself to evade those that came towards me. I used spells instead to receive the spears that would seemingly take a direct hit at villagers but those that I didn’t directly hit town. Those spears were pierced into homes and caused flames to blow out here and there.

Again, I focused my eyes towards the approaching demons while the inside of the town was being dyed in scarlet color. As I see, there are also those that hovered in the sky and were sending out demons to land on the ground… it’s just that, such demons were only few in numbers.

The Hero that would run back to a partially destroyed town was certainly scenario-like… though as I see it, the demons were not necessarily attacking every human that was before their eyes. Their aim is most likely different that the village just happened to be in the way and decided to attack it, I felt that it was like that to some degree.

Taking that into account, it would be more trouble from here on out… surveying my surroundings, I can see soldiers were now giving out orders.

“Evacuate the villagers immediately!”

With haste, they moved out to perform the orders. Panic can clearly be seen from within them and the origin of that was clearly the approaching horde of demons. With this anyhow, the people surrounding me would be gone.

Before long, a demon broke out of the vanguard and came flying right into the village. A shock was triggered from within me and remembered something. There is no mistaking it, this is the demon that killed Luon from the game.

Its build was large and has jet black wings sprouting from the back. Although the head was similar to that of a human, sharp fangs can clearly be seen near the opening of its mouth… the “guruguruguru” sound it was making was reverberating towards its surrounding as it growls. My eyes do not deceive me so I took up a vigilant stance.

Against me, I knew at first glance.

Without a doubt, I can definitely kill this guy.

The demon lifted one of its arms overhead. I understood an attack would come and evaded as I predicted its trajectory.

Up until the time I got separated from its arm, I was accurately predicting the swings and successfully evaded with only the smallest movement.

From here, it was my time to counter attack. I drew my sword from below and brandished it upwards― and from that single swing sprang forth a stream of wind. The sword ran through the demon’s body that screams of its death agony was heard quickly as it was extinguished.

With this, I have finally avoided Luon’s event for death. The outcome of this was so as to say “well within my expectations” already but considering that this was an event of death for me, I was thinking of a possibility where the demon would be invincible… it all ended well so it seems like it was all needless anxiety on my part.

Right, with this the chance of something happening to me is absolutely zero― this was what came to me as I surveyed my surroundings. Yes it was completely wrapped up in flames, the fire in the village had already spread greatly from the inside.

It would be bad if someone were still inside the houses so in order to confirm the safety of the villagers… I too began to move. After defeating the demon that broke out of the vanguard, several bodies were still flying into the village but… they were only attacking houses and were not aggressively aiming at the people. I wonder of its aim was just really destroying the town itself.

Demons were still hovering in the sky and some were jumping into the village. Focusing on it, I might be able to kill the ones flying in further instantaneously― although due to some cases, I wonder why I have yet to or more or less encounter one of them that I began not to continue considering such actions and carried on with my movement.

After some time after that, Fili had finally returned. Sending a glance at the herd of even more demons, what reflected before my eyes was the sight of him throwing an angry gaze towards the sky.

Good, the story seems to be moving forward according to the scenario… I followed the orders of the soldiers near me and continued to bustle about in the area. There were considerably a number of people injured. Considering this was from that disastrous scene, most of the injured were with burns… I too were present and used magic to simple wounds but the burns that healed were poorly looking. This was the same [Holy Water of the heavens] spell that Katie has seen however…

Since this world had become reality, healing magic like this had become troublesome. In the game, an abnormality would show in the status after being poisoned and in order to recover from it, an all purpose drug called antidote was needed but… such simplicity can no longer be applied here.

From here on out, large changes as I would like to call it are now bound to happen. It would most likely hurt. From the game, HP would be decreased when receiving attacks but if magic is used, it can easily be restored to its full value. However, even if the wound was stopped or closed up it doesn’t mean that there is enough blood due to hemorrhage and healing it would leave an uncomfortable feeling afterwards. With the exception of simple wounds, things like frostbites and burns would be healed but would be poor-looking or detestable even… Rather than that, I feel that there is no spell that would be effective against those.

In truth, I was only able to realize this now. That was because when I was training, the attacks that I received were being absorbed by the accessories that I had… and from now on would be a challenge to face.

Being unable to perform better treatments was a bit frustrating but… then I took a sidelong glance at Fili who was burning with rage, he who continued to run around inside the town.

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