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“I… absolutely… won’t forgive them!”


These were the words that came out of Fili as the scene of the village crumbling lay before us. The presence of his comrades is not here and is currently in the village going around.


From the distance, the figure of demons flying and marching off until they vanish was truly in accordance with the game.


The following morning a contact was sent to the village, a knight of the country accompanied by soldiers was immediately sent to take hold of the situation. The sudden escalation of events caused the village to be overcome with surprise.


The scenery of the village had come about a complete turn compared to when I first arrived; it was to a point where even not even a shadow could be seen and what had remained were several buildings waiting to rot away. Although there were still some buildings that somehow made it intact, they were already no good to protect anyone from the heavy rains and wind that the villagers had come to a reality where these would no longer be restored.

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Fortunately, although a lot of people were injured, it was a relief that no lives were lost… the life of the person that I had performed first aid on was also saved, or so I heard. This point was indeed a time of happiness despite the misfortunes… however, I started to worry when Fili heard the news surrounding the village earlier. Upon hearing that everyone is alive, the feelings of fighting within him towards the Mazoku may smooth down. But looking at him now, it seems that my worries were unneeded.


At this moment, the soldiers were almost gone and what had remained here were Fili, me and a small minority… I wanted to assure things and remained in the village to confirm Fili’s current state.


“Won’t forgive them… right?”


I continued to scratch my head repeatedly and gazed at the village as I talk to him.


“Those groups of demons… there is no mistaking the enemy, it is the Demon King’s Army”


“I don’t care, bring it on then!”


“I understand your anger but… In order to fight them, keeping your calm and not losing composure is a must”


As I thought… looking at the events that transpired, his anger would undoubtedly take precedence so giving him this advice should be good. As I continued to keep an eye on him, I took out something from my breast pocket.


“Fili. If you are to go on a journey from here on out, I would like you to consider this as my farewell gift.”




At this point in the game, Luon was already dead but such an event no longer exists. Therefore, I had a need to had this thing that I took out but felt nervous somehow.


“A… a key?”


“Continue to head south from this village and you will find a forest. Inside it, you will find a small hunter’s hut… Use the key and take the things inside it with you. Within it are tools and funds that I had amassed for some time, Its yours now.”


“Is this… Is it really OK?”


A very blank look can be seen from Fili so I just responded with a gesture and an “aah” sound. Afterwards were things I wanted to tell him.


“My reasons for amassing them, truthfully it’s nothing much in particular but… well… as long as you use them to fight the Demon King, then I would already be satisfied.”


“This is important to you right? Are you really fine with this?”


“Really, no need to worry. I too would want to fight the Demon King but lack the courage to do so… so this, I entrust to you Fili”


My heart was beating loudly at this point. I was somehow able to produce a few cool lines but I was still restless and in order to keep it in check, I continued to think of idiotic things… then I wait for this response.


Looking at Fili, He kept going to and from the key and me. Then,


“Truly… Thank you very much!”


“It’s OK. Well then… Do your best”


I continued to raise my hand in farewell even after Fili had given his goodbyes and left. I of course would also keep it a secret that he immediately seemed to have stumbled when he started to leave.


So when his figure was at a place I could no longer see, I went stealth and immediately hid myself.


I went into one of the houses in the village that had enough walls to hide myself and surveyed the surroundings. After confirming that I was alone, I summoned a storage box from the base with magic and retrieved the hemp sack that I prepared in advance. After taking what I needed, I sent the storage box back into the base.

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Carrying the sack into one of my hands, I walked towards a place in the village. This was to accomplish one of my aims and this was the town’s ―


“Village Head”


“Umu…, You’re here to ask the way to journey right?”


In front of one of the burnt uninhabitable houses, the old village head voice called out to me.


With his spine already stretched out of his back and his hair turned white, his face clearly shows the fatigue that he had experienced in this misfortune… his anxiety had no doubt already reached its end. Considering all that had happened until now, having such feelings were already natural.


“If I’m not mistaken, you also conducted yourself during the demon’s attack right?”


“You remembered?”


“It is a given… Truly, I express my thanks. If not for you, surely there would be casualties.”


However, it was sufficient enough to say that this village is already done for… As for me, I wanted to discuss something and proceeded to inform the village head.


“Actually, I too would like to somehow express my gratitude. That was my reason for being here now”


“Gratitude… But, nothing has come into the mind of this old man that would grant your gratitude.”


“That is… In this place, you had already provided great help by gathering various adventurers here. With that…”


I gave him the hemp sack. The village head was perplexed but seeing that I was presenting it strongly, he received it after a short time. Then, he looked at the contents of the bag…


“This is…”


“Mana Infused rare metals. Ah, that and also some gold coins are included.”


―Although I say rare metals, Those are actually called Orihalcum. But since there was a question of whether the village head would be able to identify them, I decided to present it as such.


In this game, things like Mithril and the philosopher’s stone… the names of these things hailed as legendary like existence were already there even before I had reincarnated. Although names may be similar from where I came, their implications may completely be different in nature that left me to cast some doubts from them.

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Anyhow, among the contents are the material called orihalcum that posse a value that corresponds to its rarity. If this were to be synthesized into protective gears, the amount of magical resistance would drastically rise. Also, the strength of resistance to physical attacks would also not fall short from its counterpart and would truly become a ‘Top Class’ item due to the abilities that is posses.


Sadly, at the time when I was severely raising my level, these things had already corroded to a point where no merits could be gained in keeping them… So Instead, putting it into use here was the most effective way.


Even if I take out the gold coins inside the hemp sack, the village would definitely be able to start over once they turn it into funds.


“However, this…”


“If you would, please put these into use… If exchanged, I think the amount would be able to help rebuild the village.”


When I told him this, the village head’s eyes became round.

To have that kind of reaction was very natural in this sense. Presenting my gratitude as I call it in such a fashion was in order to have the village be at a level where it can start over.


“You truly are…”


“Of course, there too are other reasons… or rather this is in a way, an offer.”


The voice being emitted by the village head had suddenly been interrupted. I continued,


“Although the gold may indeed be mine, the rare metals inside belong to another person. So the reason behind this gratitude is actually…”


“That reason is…”


“Was for this village to heavily be indebted to him… was the reason.”


Although that person doesn’t really exist, I needed to speed up the discussion so I felt the need to fabricate such a fanciful person.


“In the beginning, I too was surprised when that person told me to present this with that in mind. I also wanted to hear the real reason behind it but… there seem to be a lot of reasons as to why that person was unable to explain to me clearly and eventually, I totally forgot to ask.”


“Where is that person now?”


“Going around various places where conflict with the Demon King took place is where he is surely but… To tell you the truth, I don’t know that person’s current location.”




The village head contemplated for some time and continued to look at the contents of the hemp sack. After a brief period of time,


“I understand… frankly speaking, there are still feelings of disbelief right now but it is undeniably my wish that this village be revived. That is one thing that I believe is true. I deeply give my thanks and will make use of what I have received.”


“Of course”



―Although I, with no questions asked would be able to fully intercept the attack of the demons.  I had to lay down that thought as this conflict was for the sake of having Fili partake on a journey… there was no other choice as without it, the scenario would not go accordingly and drawbacks would have appeared.

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And now with this, all drawbacks should have disappeared is what I would want to say but… anyhow, as much as possible I would still wish to have financial follow-ups to make sure. From here on out, the rest would depend on the people of this village.


“Now then… with this, I would like to excuse myself”


“Umu… when the time came where the village has been restored, do visit us by all means”


“With pleasure”


I responded with a smile and left the place.


Finally, with this, the conclusion had finally been achieved for this event… it is now tie to head for the next one.


In the game, the depressing events on the opening scenario had been held back and cleared. By this time, I should be able to be at ease… no, I should determine the next step and continue to watch over the developments occurring with our protagonists. Until the time where we battle the Demon King, I should not let go these feelings of wariness.

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If the main scenario would advance accordingly in any case… then how would the protagonists take down the five Demon General… I continued with my thoughts and by the time I started to move out and use movement magic,


“― could you give me a moment?”


From behind, I heard the voice Katie calling out to me. At this moment, I felt my heart was suddenly put to a stop.

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