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“Well, I would like to ask something of you.”

Katie said with a very stiff voice with my back facing her. This is bad; this would result in a mistake that followed a pattern where the conversation with the village head was heard.
I should have placed a little more care when I was at that place…Anyhow,, though it’s vexing, It’s already too late. I need to somehow deceive her. Holding that in mind, I turned my head and saw a girl holding her hands together with a difficult expression showing on her face.

“Ahh… what?”

She continued to do same actions as she averts her eyes while asking again… Oi, at any rate, no matter what this is definitely suspicious… however, my body is not coping properly with this.
This isn’t good, I’m having a bad feeling about something related to her… If it ever comes to a point where she asks me to take her with me, I will reject her with all my might. This is because of her ties where she is a potential party member of Fili and the others.


Katie made a large sigh.

“Forget it… Though I would like to hear a mountain of things from you, well somehow, I found out that you did a lot of things for the sake of the village.”

Oh!? After staring back at me for some time, Katie again, made another sigh.

“It’s good for now but… I was a little confused you see, seeing that things had gone chaotic inside the village and you defeating Mazokus in one hit, even you would find that strange right?”

Gueh! You’re starting from there?…I had no intention of showing a contorted expression but she seemed to have already guessed something since I was just standing there silently with a face filled with problems.

“Anyhow, it’s not like I’m interrogating you but… well its fine already. However, do tell me one thing. This is regarding about that, will you let me hear about it eventually?”

“Well, uhmm…”

What do I do now? I can explain her a story about defeating the Demon King but… that will certainly result in a different strife first. Namely, Something like a certain strong country taking up this important role and―

“I’m sorry, I can’t promise that.”

And so, that was the answer I had come up with. Thereupon, Katie shortly murmured something and answered me.

“I see…”

“At the very least, I would like to have you talk about something.”

“Ahh, sure…”

“Well, I too would like to express my thanks, in one way or another… is what I thought.”

The topic diverted. From there, I became bewildered.


“For the sake of the village… judging from your words, you seem to have given out something you received from acquaintances and… well, we can clearly say that the place would now be fine and…”

For some reason, she seemed to have guessed that those things given out were really mine. She was somehow able to infer such a possibility with the information she had from me beforehand and seeing myself defeating Mazokus in a single blow.

“It’s quite apparent that you spared a great deal for the sake of the village. So I have to somehow pay you back in some way like helping you in travel as thanks.”

Even if she told me that she wants to pay me back… the items given out were already corroded and something like taking her with me may result in unforeseen problems. I will be doing an important event after this soon. Also, even if she’s determined to have herself travel with me, any of her efforts to ask of that would be useless as I would always decline.
To add another thing, basing this on the game’s perspective… I was a person who had already died so I felt that no problems would occur with me moving out of my own accord but if I were to shift that influence to another character, and a Player character at that, possibilities of scenarios changing in many ways would be bad.

If the current setting were to include the free scenario setup, I would no longer be able to prepare for the events of the Characters in the game. The existence of large changes happening in the actions of the protagonists lie within defined event setups and in the case of Katie, this is not something considered along the lines of an individual event. Some event would occur when other player characters would meet and act with each other too. At the same time, there would be situations where I would encounter certain characters due to careless actions and if that encounter resulted in a meeting with one of the protagonists then… So then, with that in mind, If possible, I felt that it would be better to stay on the path of having direct interventions.

“If you do insist that much then…”

I was deep in thought then, I opened my mouth.

“The village being indebted to me is indeed a fact but that is why… I want it to rise up once more.”


“Then Katie, think about it. This place had served as a gathering point of adventurers and like that, a person that’s determined to fight the Demon King may appear… Summing those up, I wish for the village to be revived.”

“I see what you mean… right.”

“Of course, anyone you welcome into the village, I would like them to fight against monsters and the Demon King… somewhere along those, is what I what you to do I think.”

“I understood… I too will do the best that I can at this village.”
“Good, I entrust this to you.”
“Somehow, these bundled up feelings will never be expressed but… well its fine already.”

Katie had a sulky expression until the very end but for now, she doesn’t seem to have any intention to pry in any further…thank god.

“Well then… I really need to get going now”
“Where would you be going this time?”

“Not really sure. I’ll inquire rumors about a person that would persevere against the likes of the Mazoku and the Demon King… So that I myself would not die, I will do my best.”

Katie smiled bitterly at my words. I’m certain that she’s something like “Is that something that a person who can defeat a Mazoku with a single hit should say?” However, she stopped herself from saying that.

“So… the next time you arrive at this village, I’ll make sure to welcome you properly.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you by then.”

Even though I gave out those items, the timing in regards to the reconstruction might speed up but…after the middle, there should be no events triggering in this place, so there shouldn’t be any problems. If ever that something did happen, i should be able to cope with it at any time.

For this reason, I decided that I should separate with Katie on this village… I temporarily thought of what would happen if the opposite happened but by the end of it, I was relieved that everything was settled.

A little time after I leaving village, I searched my head to remind myself on which direction I would be headed now. The next event is… the opening with a “do or die” situation.
The content of the event is… About a protagonist different from Fili named Eina Forkdo, a female knight. Her opening scenario would be taking place at a castle that was being attacked. So, while the King and the princess were held captive, the group of knights lead by Eina were forced to escape… that was the general outline of it.

By the way, the name of the country was Barcus Kingdom, a country where the lineage of the philosopher was preserved through each generation. And since Eina was the cousin of the princess, she too possesses the lineage of the philosopher― regarding her circumstances in being one of the protagonists, at the end of it all, I shall wait until the time that she becomes the Queen of the Barcus Kingdom.
She too had the possibility of defeating the Demon King, but in order for her to have a reason to go on a journey, the fall of the kingdom must not be prevented. The thing that I want to prevent was on a different location… To rescue the princess and the king.

After being captured, the two of them were placed into a cell and ended up a miserable end where they had starved to death. Eina arrived at such a conclusion by the second half of her story, she enters the castle filled with anger and brought vengeance to the Mazoku within, even though it was that kind of event… the feeling that it left afterwards was too bad so this I want to change.
For this reason, I decided to set my next destination towards the Kingdom of Barcus… at that time, a bird arrived near me. This was one of the familiar that I ordered to fly through the continent.

After confirming it, I determined that it was the familiar that I had ordered to fly to Barcus Kingdom ― Immediately after,


I let out a small groan.

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