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I pulled out the King and the Princess from prison and leaded them out from the secret route.

The dummy spell was able to elaborately mimic the appearances of the king and the princess. Then with the dagger that was secretly carried, they (TN: The dummies) committed suicide― and we, without being noticed by Mazokus reached the forest without being noticed. I would like to think that it’s all going to be fine but… just in case, I made sure place the Mazokus in surveillance and see if they would move according to the scenario. For the time being, I’ll employ one of my familiars to the do surveillance job and apply a type of magic to instruct it.

“Now then… I wonder what needs to be done from here on out.”

Within the forest, the king murmured… this was completely out of the scenario, it was first of all necessary to somehow keep the existence of the king remain undiscovered.
Naturally, it was difficult for me as a single person to continuously keep tabs on the princess and the king’s behavior at the same time… and so for this reason, I need to think of the options that I have on hand.

I would need to first call the familiar that I sent on a remote operation secretly using magic. I sent it probe on a certain person’s movement but… that person, according to the retrieved information was already drawing near.
Alright… while I was resisting the urge to perform a Guts Pose, I gave a proposal for the king.

“Your Majesty. It is better to go separate ways from the capital as it is… first of, how about heading towards the vicinity of the next town. Although going with your current appearance would be bad. Please wait for a minute.”

I then called out a storage box using the bracelet and took out a gray overcoat from it.

“An application of summoning magic”

The king said. I on the other hand gave a small nod,

“Yes. I have an acquaintance that can use such magic, I learned it since I felt its convenience.”

While giving out a suitable excuse, I presented the overcoat to them. The king murmured a “sorry about this” and afterwards, removed his clothes and wore the overcoat.

“The vestments, I request you to look after them.”

“I understand”

(TN: Read this at

With that agreement, I placed them in the storage box and sent it back. Their appearance with just the overcoat alone was very different; perhaps we would be able to deceive those who would see us.

“However, there was the question of the actions to take after reaching town”

“First of, hiding you will be our priority. If the king was to be ever found out now to be alive was dangerous.”

While saying so, I pointed out to the direction of the town. The King gave a nod and along with the princess, proceeded to walk in the said direction.

While moving through the thicket, with its noise was the only thing reverberating…  I will call out my familiar to continue monitoring my observation target whilst continuing to advance out of the forest. Focusing on the timing approximately after immediately exiting the forest and execute a likely well enough play is what I have thought but… somehow, the other party seems to have been quicker.

Outside the forest, metal like sounds produced by wearing a set of armor were heard. The king and princess instantly became vigilant, however I moved towards it.

Soon we overtook the forest… In accordance to my advance, the king followed and in here a voce was raised.

“M-my Lord…!”

Knight ─ merely a single person, a knight was right here in this place.

An elderly man wearing an extravagant sword with wears decorated in gold fringes ─ a vice captain of the knight order. The name if I’m not mistaken was, Fuore Olrak.

“Your Majesty…!”

Upon seeing his majesty and the princess, Fuore immediately tried to kneel but his majesty stopped him.

“Wait, Fuore… its fine as it is. You came here for?”

“Haa! Upon learning that his majesty was captured… from the escape route, I moved out to come and rescue you.


“Yes. The others in the unit were injured or were already… I had thinking of asking for reinforcements but I need to rescue you at the soonest possible is what I thought ─ Alone ─.”

Fuore… Even though he is an NPC, he is a character that can’t become a part of your party. As a person involved in Eina’s scenario, he came running back to the escape route in reverse just like me in order to save the king.

However, it ended in failure… the details regarding it were not told in the game, just one more step ─ were always the words of regret that Eina had listened to but well, I too was alone so I can honestly say that this story’s not unreasonable.

After his retreat, the castle entered a state where it was strictly guarded along with the surrounding roads that made it impossible to recapture… well if it was me I could easily break through with magic but with the additional guards around for possible severe situations, the risk of being discovered would have increased too.

As I was in my thoughts, the king had explained the situation. Thereafter, Fuore diverted his gaze here,

“I give you my thanks… Luon-dono”

“No need, I only followed what was requested to me”

Restraining my hand ─ I referred to the knight.

“Knight Fuore. With this, the rescue of the king has succeeded…however, if it was to be known the mazoku that he is on good health and is with few escorts, at that time, we will undoubtedly fall into a crisis.”

Immediately after reciting those words, the expression on Fuore’s face was painted with sorrow.

“At the time where the mazoku attacked… preparations to receive them were not perfect but was in order. And yet, it was easily trampled…”

“It is clear that we have no power to face them… I think we need to hide the fact that I am still alive.”

─this is the plan that I had come up to not change the scenario. I have proposed a plan to the King and princess to hide, and this concealment is to last up until the second half of the story.

“Currently, the threat of the Mazoku is rampant in the whole continent… at any rate, it is better to store strength. However, if it is known that the king was still alive─”

“Umu, that I understand.”

The king mentioned. And then, Fuore spoke of a proposal.

“The time to strike back should open up at some point… We will continuously gather information on how the neighboring countries are faring and wait for the opportunity to counterattack.”

(TN: Read this at

“Right… but, the chance to counterattack is ─”

“Regarding that, I have one suggestion.”

I said. At the same time, everyone’s gaze gathered at me… though I continued to felt tense by it, the words were able to come out firmly.

“The surrounding countries by now should have been attacked by the Mazoku… if the knights of this country were to be the only ones that out, they would be crushed. We will collect information starting now and as soon as another country is capable of doing a counterattack, I think we should move at the same time.”

─This is something that i have thought of to a certain extent. At the stage where four among the five great generals of the mazoku are defeated, various events will start to occur. At that time, the knights of each nation will rise up all at once. Thus the attack on the last of the five generals is set… The protagonist will then finish it and the power to destroy the Demon King’s barrier is obtained.

“We should cooperate with the knights of other countries and only fight back when all preparations are done. If that much is not done, we won’t be able to resist the mazoku’s current forces.”

“Umu… regrettably, there is only that.”

I was a little worried at what basis the king would have at the stage of preparation… although it is soon, it does not mean that it is. (TN: that’s exactly what it was written [soon but not soon] in other terms)

In the case where Eina is the protagonist, information on knights from another country is received. In order to oppose the forces of the mazoku, she needed to seek reinforcements from knights of other countries but majority of those were either unable to move, lacking in numbers or at the level where cooperation was difficult.

That’s why I said such a proposal for the king that was unable to move but… as for this side, a need for an observation with an appropriate familiar should be necessary. If the timing of their movement were to be too early, I can warn them not to do something with a sleigh of a hand. Though my troubles had increased, there was no helping it as I aided a person who was supposed to die originally.

“Your majesty… for the present time, we should move out.”

In here, Fuore spoke.

“With that appearance, you would be able to move naturally inside the town. I will prepare the horse.”

“I understand”

“As Luon had said, it is necessary to hide for a while in order to amass strength… my older brother is in possession of a villa. For now let’s head there.”


The king nodded─ Good, I then considered the location of the place. After Fuore had failed to rescue the king, he hid himself at the place that he just said. And by the end, he finally got riled up and so as the knights from the other countries and started to move out at the same time. Recognizing the existence of  the king at that stage of the scenario should be fine until then but… there is also the fact that Eina visits the place so even more, let’s hammer the nail in further.

“Knight Fuore. Though I fell that there are no problems with the place being far from the capital… this is unpleasant but is merely but a speculation but a rebel that we know nothing of may be among the knights.”

Incidentally, such a person will come out in a sub-event. Fuore and the King having considered the thought of it both showed a grim expression. They seem to think that there is some truth to it. Alright, with this─

“As the person lending a hand to the mazoku may appear, the current thing about his majesty being a live should be kept hidden even to those within his circle of friends is what I think to be best… As what I had said earlier, if we do not hide it until the knights of the other countries had regained enough power to counterattack, it will be dangerous.”

“That’s right…”

The king also agreed. He then turned his head toward Fuore,

“It is frustrating but right now, I have no choice but to flee.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Fuore. A very severe… unbelievable battle is about to occur. Though impatience will grow day after day, will you still come with me?”

“It is a given”

Fuore gave a single bow. Good, everything seems to be fine. If something were to happen, it is necessary to respond every time… the king seeming to have acknowledged everything matched with my gaze and gave a small nod.
With this, I have reached my objective… What’s left is to escort the king and the princess up to the hiding place that Fuore had mentioned─ at the time when I was thinking of such a thing,

“Outo-sama” (TN: Honorable Father)

TN Notes:
1. You may feel some inconsistencies in addressing the King (Either his majesty or “The king” or “King” etc) I’ll fix that in the edit work.
2. Mazoku is Demon Clan/Demon tribe
3. Demon King is Maou or Demon Lord as I may have addressed them either way in previous chapters.
4. A lot of characters will show up in the future, I will make a seperate FAQ page for the list of names and their roles. do note that this are spoilers but I will align their details to the current status of chapters or just be vague with them.

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