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“What is it?”

The king turned his head in response to the princess’s voice. Afterwards she,

“I… I think I would like to go to Order-sama’s place.”

With that sudden remark, the King, as well as Fuore’s eyes were round with surprise. Inside, I too was surprised… Eh, wait a second.

“Sophilia? What’s wrong?”

“For the sake of fighting back… If it’s putting out strength, it’s the same for me. I too am also a descendant of the Philosopher that sealed the Demon Lord. If we do not take action here, this is inexcusable for the people.”

Words filled with determination. Thinking of her and Fuore accompanying them, did she come into a conclusion that they cannot fight with the mazoku… However, this has become a troublesome development.

Order, such a name was something that I have never heard of… No, was there any? Anyhow, I’m at a level that I cannot remember but it’s probably a person whose teachings were received by word of mouth.

“As it is… I think it is Outo-sama’s desire to go with them. However, I have learned the sword and magic in order to fight monsters and the mazoku. It’s just that hiding and waiting for the time, that is something that I cannot allow myself to do.”

The King and Fuore’s eyes met with each other─ in this place, there are only four people including myself. It is indeed impossible to let the princess go alone so I think someone inevitably needs to go to the place where the person named order is but… it is impossible for Fuore.

If it comes to─ various thoughts came to the king as he met with his daughter’s eyes,

“But Sophilia─”

“Outo-sama, Please.”

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Those eyes were determined. Considering her, she should have concluded various thoughts of how this would end.
It’s just that even as a king, he wouldn’t let the princess act alone…  As expected I thought the King too would refuse here.


“… Even from long ago, Sophia was stubborn everywhere she goes.”

The king started calling her in what seemed to be her nickname… Oi oi, these turn of events are getting suspicious somehow.

“Some time ago when the attack of the Mazoku occurred, you went out with Eina without permission to hunt.”

“Tha, that is…”

“I knew. In the first place, when I had sensed the arrival of monsters, weren’t the two of us acting in various ways?”

At those words, the shoulders of the princess shook. A bulls-eye it seems.

Now that you mention it, in the case of Eina as the protagonist, She was acting with the princess initially but… because monsters had appeared, the princess pulled Eina outside to leave. With a strong sense of justice, she would not budge once decided─ the princess has such a personality.

But, Even though I said that─ I tried to mention the princess but I wasn’t able to move my body. What I mean to say is I seem to be unable to open my mouth.



“By all means, are you really going?”

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“Yes. Of course, my identity as a princess, I will hide it. I have yet to meet much with the people so the mask has not yet broken… so I think its fine.” (TN: Mask has not yet broken means no one recognizes her or is familiar with her face which is a mask that hides the identity of a princess)

“Fuore, what do you think?”

“If she does not encounter Eina, there would probably be no problem… The princess too, I think that it would be better if she was to accompany us. However, the princess had already said it and his majesty is aware that she would not change her mind. Even if I try to persuade her here, she would end up moving on her own eventually.”

And then, the king showed a wry smile.

“…being acknowledged by someone from the Knight troupe somehow seemed to have caused you to become a little tomboyish.”


“Though I had said that, you are already conscious of yourself as a princess. For the sake of the country, it is something that you must not understand. I wish for you to not take any rash actions that go beyond that of being a member of the royal family… the power to stop Sophia, I(Washi) do not have it.”

Oi, wait a minute! And here I thought that you would stop her… at that time, the king turned his head towards me.

“However, Sophia. Alone would be no good… Luon-dono”

“Ye, Yes”

“I feel sorry for requesting this of you after receiving your help to escape from prison… However, please do hear my request. My (waga) daughter Sophilia, would you please escort her to the town called Nagreit where the person called Order resides.”

In here he talked and turned to me. The king would be left no escort without Fuore, it had come to such a ridiculous flow but it was not amusing… If for example we head to town together, Knights would join up the princess that would head to the place of the person called Order─ No, there’s no assurance that such a thing would happen as there is the fact from the king that she starts to act independently, or that may have probably been his real concern.

However, although I did help them escape, that point in time in the prison was the first meeting I had with the King and Princess. The thing about entrusting the princess should not be done without trust and to be honest, this abruptness is making me troubled.

“…That, with me, is it really fine?”

I said to confirm. Afterwards, the King gave a word.

“It is no less that, that knight came out of your mouth, I have confidence in it… much less the fact that you had also rescued us. More than this, there is nothing else to trust.”

Well, although that was certainly the case… then suddenly, I felt something. The King was looking at me with those eyes, he seemed to have sensed “Something” that differs from trust.

Perhaps, the king is already aware of my abilities despite not telling us anything. No, even if it is indeed that, it is strange to trust someone just on that basis… But seeing that I am unable to hear the real intention of the other person, the best I can do is guess.

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Also, there’s this town called Nagreit… I will pull out the memories from the game. I do not recognize a town with such a name. On the continent, there were towns and cities that weren’t mentioned on the game but was there, the town called Nagreit would be one of them.

And the person called Order… Uuunnn, it’s not coming out. I remember seeing the name somewhere but… In any case, the existence of the princess is no doubt an uncertain factor and leaving it alone raises the risk collapsing the scenario. Thinking that this was troubling, I recognized that I invited this as the result of my actions. I will have to take responsibility for it until the very end. And even if I do decline, I think the princess wouldn’t be convinced regardless.

If so, this leaves us with only one option left.

“…… It is a great honor for me to have received your trust. This matter regarding your request, I will accept and carry it out.”

Well, It would be better to put a nail into that person called Order to prevent the information about the princess leak outside… The king’s “request” is fine and furthermore, Fuore is a little anxious when he looked at me considering the situation but… we are to abide to the King’s decision, nothing else had been said.

And then, the King explained to me the details and rewards of the request─ It has indeed turned to something that is paid after─ after that, we started to move towards the destination that we have set our eyes on along with Fuore… given that, it eventually came to a point where it was only me and the princess, only the two of us alone.

With the continuing silence, I first lowered my head towards the princess.

“I ask for your forgiveness. I am sorry for having caused you troubles.”

Then when I raised my face, my eyes here were met… just now, I was petrified.

Considering that my facial expression was at a level that it looked like it was pulled back should be something like a miracle. Up until some time ago when I was talking with the king, I was desperate to proceed according to the scenario which helped in passing through my tension and remain calm at some point. However now that I became alone with the princess, my tension came back as expected.

So this is a grace. By no means have I ever thought that I am not used to women… and, I think. However, she has a tremendous title as a royal family and is a different existence that even if given a time to turn away his face, he was unable to due to the aura that the princess before him was emitting such an aura.


In addition, to add ‘-sama’  to me. Somehow, I managed to breathe and after a light cough started to talk.

“E, excuse me. Well, I mean. I guess you can relax for the time being”


The conversation stops. I frantically used my head… I desperately thought about a hundred times more than when I planned the escape in order to squeeze out some words.

“Regarding the princess, I will protect you even if it costs me my life… thereupon, what would be our destination?”

“The place, were you not able to grasp it properly?”

“The place may have been somewhere I have passed by before but, the name is something I do not remember.”

“If that is the case, I will serve as our guide. Along this journey, I’m looking forward to work with you.”

The princess gave out an attitude that was too unbecoming of a princess. If it was something like from a game, she gives out an overbearing feeling… Or rather, as if this was any different from a game. Do we even have any characters that have the same personality as her?

“If that, is the case… then let us move out. Let’s first get to the nearest town. If possible, we will prepare for the trip there too.”


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Giving her consent, I along with her started to walk.

“Regarding my name please do call me Sophia. Also, I don’t mind if you drop the honorifics.”

“Ah, Sure… I understand”

“Using polite language is strange as expected.  I will act as a follower of Luon-sama, seeing such a form is what I aim to be as it would not feel out of place. Please do it in such a way”

Is what she had decided by herself alone. I had no choice but to reply with a half hearted answer.

─From here on out, I’ll be needing to get used to call the princess by her nickname and moreover for the sake of it, It seems that I can’t go and not talk with her. This is personally a tremendous stress but… As I was thinking that I have no choice but to get used to this side, I along with the princess─ Sophia, head towards the town.

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