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Before long, we had reached the road towards the town with Sophia’s guidance. Incidentally, the journey of the King and Fuore was in a direction opposite to ours.

After the capital was attacked by the Mazoku, people of the nation became uneasy and they still are even after everyone had ran away… fortunately, basic functions and lodgings were being carried out and fortunately, we were able to rent a room.

“Now then…”

I let out a small breath, and think by myself.  As expected, it won’t suffice to borrow the same room and although it was quite luxurious like in this situation, I was able to get two rooms. Outside were the figures of many people moving about in confusion…  As I continued to observe that, I started to organize the current situation.

First of all was regarding the princess, it should be fine as long as we do not see someone who knows the princess since her face was generally not know to most of the people. If ever that she was pointed out that she resembles someone, I think that it saying it as just a coincidence to resemble another person will become anything… various excuses can be provided in one way or another at a level where it would stand.

If there was ever a reason for worries, the Mazoku… it’s the foundation of the Mazoku where although their outward appearance is the same with a person, the Magical Strength will be the decider. In the case where we encounter one of the Mazoku that invaded the capital, the thing about the King and the Sophia being alive would be known unless a counter measure was prepared in advance. It seems that presently, such groups of Mazokus are around the capital but it shouldn’t be a problem as long as we don’t get near them… if she has the will to fight the enemy, it is necessary to prepare measures in some way from here now on.

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And then, I ended up accepting the King’s request of acting as the Princess’s escort until we reach the place of this person called Order. There was a necessity to take hold of this person called Order… doing so should aid in not being able to change the scenario. However, just as with the Princess, a similar level of surveillance would also be needed with the King.

Furthermore, we should be reaching the place after three more days according to the itinerary but… possibilities of encountering monsters are also present and it is not good as it is to have them without being properly armed. I should at least give her a sword. Also, let’s do it with having the image of an adventurer by the end. Doing that should lessen out the amount of elegance that she usually shows.

With those feelings I left the room. Then I stood at the next room before me, and performed a knock.


Footsteps could be heard. A little time afterwards, she came out of the room.

“Luon-sama… is there something wrong?”

…… looks like there’s still some ways to go before I could get used to the aura that she excludes. While I was thinking of doing my best for now, I opened my mouth.

“From now, there are dangers of encountering monsters as we travel towards town… Although I will protect you but still keep in mind the idea of having a sword. Also, we will arrange equipments as well if possible.

At those words, Sophia looked into my eyes and spoke.

“That, how about the price─”

“That will all be accumulated and be paid afterwards together with the reward. That and since I am not a knight but a person who had made a pledge to you and the King, I’ll gladly respond to any request that you may have.”

For the time being, saying something like this should be alright… as I was thinking about it, Sophia was wearing a fascinating smile when I looked at her while saying “Thank you very much” as a response to what I said.
I on the other hand was somehow able to keep my behavior in check as my heart beat a little faster.

“For now, I will confirm the situation outside and take hold of information. Do not leave the room until I come back.”

To be sure, Sophia answered with an “I understand” and closed the door.
Just in case, I summoned a familiar to keep track of Sophia… I then left the inn and started walking.

An Imposing atmosphere was wrapping the streets, the dark mood was becoming of the current cloudy weather. With the fall of the capital, this atmosphere was of course extremely natural.
As I was looking at such a scene─ I started to think a bit about Sophia’s ability. When Eina is set as the protagonist in the game, Sophia was a fellow character of her at the first tutorial like event in the game.

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However, after the end of that event, the capital would be attacked and she would be removed from the party and never to enter it since. Her level… it should be a little higher compared to Eina. And then there’s the ability where Eina was overwhelming in attack but Sophia is different.

She gives out the feeling of being a magical warrior that can wield both sword and magic with ease… I remembered the sword and magic skills for a while in the game but it was only a bunch of rudimentary ones. As I was pertaining about learning the sword and magic, it is possible to learn new techniques and the like with knowledge.

What’s important here is if she meets the qualification to defeat the Demon Lord, it should be something like that. Being a descendant that carries the lineage of the philosopher, I think the possibility would be extremely high. Seeing that her cousin Eina is able to attack the Demon Lord, it is natural to think the same to her… that is what I think but because she is actually not a part of the people who was supposed to actually defeat the Demon Lord in the game, there is also the possibility of her not being able to do an attack too. Seeing that I won’t be able to start over, I should rely on someone from the protagonist to do it if I want to be certain…

Moreover, I am uncertain if she would be able to take down the Demon Lord as her potential to grow may differ from protagonists like Eina and Fili. During the tutorial events, the experience value would not be taken despite the defeat of the enemies in the game. Therefore, I do not know whether the growth of the characters on those parts be the same with the others.

Regarding the growth in abilities, I am uncertain of how the lineage of the philosopher takes part in that. Those people without the lineage… an example would be Katie and Coly who fought alongside Fili as they seemed to be strong when we were together so the thing about growth pertaining to the lineage of the philosopher shouldn’t be the case. Naturally, there are also many of those people who do not grow so I am trying to find out the difference between them… In the case where we suppose that a character will become strong if they joined your party in the game, Sophia would correspond to it for some time. But whether she would really grow was something I couldn’t confirm in the game─
I should stop, if I consider thinking about this I’ll end up falling in a jar.  Once I had reset my thoughts, I felt that I should confirm it when I reach the place of this person called Order. Will I end up consulting that person? Or would it end up in handling some event… It’s good to consider them together once we reach that point, then I walked along the street.

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Since the shops are open, it’s possible to get hold of the equipments for adventurers. The only problem left is the weapon. I looked around various other stores but not much was sold and things were already sold-out. I wonder if many people bought them out because the capital got attacked or was it the soldiers and knights that did…? In any case, I am unable to find anything that might fit Sophia.

Handling a bad sword would not be good─ an example would be regarding defense but since Sophia is able to wield magic, it’s good if she would be able to create barriers using her magic somehow. Naturally the best preparations are laid out when the barrier gets destroyed… The problem was a frontal attack.

Verification cannot be done with numerical values unlike in the game so adventurers would get the feel of the basics by fighting with monsters for the first time. Among them, the weapon attack power is very important it would end up very badly if it is not effective. Even if you run away from an encounter, it doesn’t mean that the monsters would disappear as this world is a reality so if the attacks are not effective, one will end up in a hopeless situation. I too experienced this at the time where I was doing my training.

In my situation, the information of the emerging monsters were already in my head so I was able to cope with it to an end as I considered the margins that I took in order to not fall in a dilemma but in the case of Sophia… all those would not matter.

“For now, I should take out something from the goods at hand”

After taking a turn into one of the streets, such a conclusion was taken out. Before long I had once again returned to my room. I then summoned the storage box using magic and started to examine it.

“Hmmm, even if said that it was necessary to have offensive strength, something that would be too strong would stand out and the person that would use it may end up hurt… then how about a normal long sword… Ah, that’s it. If there’s something then a Magic sword would be good then.”

In the game, synthesizing weapons can even give out a normal sword a special ability with the use of magic items.
There are also several ways to it like granting the ability to increase the sharpness of other weapons, or for example incorporating magic that could be used into a sword is also possible.

Among the prototypes, I should have made something like those… after rummaging for some time, I found it. The material used was refined silver. Although this is common compared to materials such as Mithril, it is lightweight and can be handled even by women and has a moderate offensive strength.

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As a feature on the game, compared to a simple metal, there were many special traits or abilities that can be added. Since it’s really not necessary for me to have it, passing it over to a comrade would be quite useful instead.

The magic that was furnished into this sword was two… an increase in offensive strength and defense. Even in the case of fighting multiple monsters, there are many situations where you would be able to deal with them as long as the ability is raised and since there is a reasonable offensive strength, it would be enough to clear a road filled with monsters.

OK, let’s pass this on… I left my room and knocked at Sophia’s door at the next room. She immediately goes out and looks at me.


“I’ve found some reasonably fair bargains”

After saying that, I presented her the sword.

“It’s a sword made with refined silver and has imbued magic that increases the attack and defense capabilities of the user. Stores are open so I’ll prepare the other equipments by tomorrow.”

“Such a thing……? Well, wasn’t it expensive?”

So that was your worries… I answered a “It’s fine” to her question,

“Make use of this in making the continent peaceful”

A strange thing to say… that is what I had thought but she showed me a smile,


And replied with good spirit. That look that she had was impeccably beautiful… I also thought that I gave to get used to not sweat on my back.

Translation notes:
1. Katie and Coly appeared in chapter 7 as part of Fili’s party along with Luon.
2. The rarer the metal, the larger array of magic can be imbued on the weapon
3. Refined Silver was written as “Sei” and “Gin” which is spirit and silver
4. There are five protagonists and Sophia is not one of them. only Eina and Fili has been revealed so far.
5. Our MC gets nervous fairly easily but is able to somehow compose himself

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