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Sophia and I left the town where the Mansion of Order is at and arrived at the town that was also present in the game.
It is a place where many trading routes converge and is located at the west of Barcus Kingdom ─ Silvette is its name. By the crossroads, it could be grasped that the town is divided into four districts and roads to other countries other than the capital exist.

Inside the game, it was one of the towns that could be made into a base. As of now, we are still in the western part of the continent but this will serve as a key point in going into various places as I’ve already set my foot here countless times through all of the five protagonists.

As I have visited this place many times during the period of my studies… this place functions as a trading route and is deserving of the structure which makes it a very important place.

This place is also an ideal point to perform an attack towards the Mazoku… it seems too that there were a fair amount of Knights and wizards to protect the town. As there was also the fact of the capital being attacked, the amount of soldiers was increased further and stationed army corps could be seen outside of town.

“To lose this town would be bad. Is something I want to say but you should already know that right?” <Sophia>

Sophia murmured upon entering the town. While acknowledging it, I moved forward and got through the gate─ and entered at the heavily guarded yet thriving town.

I’m certain that this town should not have been attacked in the game… I can’t remember the reason that was spoken but it’s enough to learn that this place would not be attacked up until the very end… Although I’m interested in what the reason was but as expected, let’s not look into it so that I won’t have to think about it.

And there is also an adventurer’s guild in here where various request can be received… Since I had registered at the town before, I would be able to make use of it.

Incidentally, the contents of the request from the game are also there and the place where monsters are needed to be defeated are also many but because of the sub events, things like picking up flowers or doing pastoral things are what you end up doing. If you think about the situation where the Demon Lord is attacking, I will end up with thought of as to why I’m doing such things but it is essential to receive those request as well due to exclusive items are received if a request is handled to a certain extent.

But because we are in the real world, temporal restrictions would be applied so such request with long durations of completion are things I would not do… then, after leaving Sophia at the Inn, I alone went to visit the guild.

If other people are handling it then I can’t do anything about it… there it is.  The name of the request is “Please stop the monsters in the forest”. Since the request for the guild changes depending on the progress of the scenario, it disappears once it has been left out. Since the situation is now at the real word, it would be good to interpret that other adventurers had already received the request. However, it still remained.

The request is from the village head of a town near the southwest woodlands. According to the stories, the forest began to act strangely due to the miasma spread by monsters which then consequently caused various monsters to show up. Therefore, a request to exterminate the monsters had been put up.

As for the reward, it is by no means expensive. There are limits for the request fee taken out by the village is what I had continued to think… but in the game, things like accessories that prevent lethal poisons are dropping and can be obtained in the early stages of the game so there are sufficient returns to consider. Since this is the real world, there is a question of whether such items would drop around but… be that as it may, I have already told the person from the guild that I will accept this request.

Considering the recommended level required, it was around the same or slightly lower than one we took before the event where we encountered an attack where Fili was based. If the free scenario was chosen, even Fili would be able to come to this village and receive the request from the beginning. Since the difficulty level is not that high, the request also serves as the best one for earning experience values.

So, I will make use of this in order to verify Sophia… Ever since we had escape from the castle, she hasn’t encountered any monsters yet so her level shouldn’t have increased. If so, she should be around or slightly lower than the recommended level upon arriving at the forest. She should be able to beat the monsters by herself and I can confirm the growth of her abilities.

Our arrangements would be with me saying that I would wait outside and telling her to defeat the boss and if she comes back holding something like a proof then It’s cleared. In reality, I would hide myself with a spell and secretly follow her and observer her movements. If she ever gets into a pinch, then I will come out and aid her.

From all the remarks that had come from Sophia, she seems to have been showing a behavior to have me train her directly but… since this can only be confirmed after verifying her power, I will hold it off for the moment. I wonder if I could decide what to do depending on how far she could advance in the dungeon… If for example in a situation where she did not advance even by half, then I think it’s good to say that her growth potential is inferior to Fili. If that was the case then it’s good to say something like “Train in a place I will specify until you get stronger to a certain extent”. Just in case, that itself would provide another candidate.

(TN: Another candidate to defeat the Demon Lord)

Of course I will also take into consideration in training her directly but…from the things I have learned from the movements of the protagonist through my familiar, there is a bit of time I needed to consider as there are unpleasant events that I would like to avoid for the time being… well, let’s look at the results after all and think after what to do afterwards.

And then I returned to the inn and explained the contents of the request to Sophia─ hereupon, a considerable motivation was showed at the mention of the deeds done by the monsters.

“Because the people of the village are troubled, it cannot be left alone.” <Sophia>

“Ah. It may be a bit frustrating to confirm your ability through a request but… there was nothing else to test Sophia’s strength so please bear with it” <Luon>

“No, I really don’t mind… are we departing for it tomorrow?” <Sophia>

“Let’s see. It seems that it would take several hours from walking to arrive at the place so let’s go first thing in the morning” <Luon>

“I understand. I will be in your care.” <Sophia>

“Sure” <Luon>

With this, the discussion is concluded. After that, we stayed for the night at this town after deciding to head at the village.

The following day, we headed out to the village and arrived before the sun had gone out. The place we had arrived at is a rural agricultural village. It was a quite peaceful village as it would take several hours to reach and was very distant as seen from the highway.

“We have been waiting” <Unknown>

Telling the villagers that we accepted the request, the village head came.

“Two of you… Regarding the request this time, would there be a need to explain it once again?” <Unknown = Village Head>

“It’s alright” <Luon>

“Well then, I shall show you around.” <Village Head>

With the village head as our guide, we headed into the edge of the village. From there, the entrance of the forest could be seen but… indeed, the presence is strong.

In regards to the miasma in this world, it is the magical strength that monsters emit. One can determine the strength of a monster to a certain extent depending on the depth and quality of the miasma being emitted.

From the entrance of the forest before me, the miasma of the monsters that appeared on the game could be felt. It was not that big of a deal for me but… the mood was rather fair.

“The the forest had changed from before as if it were like a maze and sunlight was not reaching the inside even during the day.” <Village Head>

“There is no mistake, this is indeed the deed of monsters… please leave this for us to take care of” <Luon>

“I leave this in your care. If you need some place to rest then do tell us. Rooms would be prepared as compensation.” <Sophia>

Imparting those words, the village head left. After seeing him off, I began to explain the situation to Sophia once again.

“Now then, with such a place with miasma, there should be an existence of a monster that serves as its source. Defeating that monster will be your objective.” <Luon>


“So, I will determine the degree of Sophia’s strength and confirm your potential but… I will be outside the forest and wait for you. If you can defeat the enemy at the origin and return with some kind of proof, then it’s a ‘CLEAR’. I too will recognize your strength” <Luon>

“I understand” <Sophia>

“Also, I would give you until night to come back. Is that fine?” <Luon>

“Yes… about that” <Sophia>

“What’s wrong?” <Luon>

“How long does Luon-sama think I would need to defeat the enemy in order to completely recognize me?” <Sophia>

Now that I think about it… I haven’t thought of that yet. But well it would take several days if the growth was low… If we consider the experience of battle with Fili then─

“Let’s see… considering the presence in the forest, maybe a day.” <Luon>

“I see…” <Sophia>

Sophia answered and focused her gaze at the forest. Thereupon, I saw the bracelet on her left arm.

It was something that I had given her when we were preparing her equipment. If by any chance she would be hit by an attack from a monster, or if she was to be ever placed in critical situation then an emergency barrier and healing spell sealed within would activate. In passing it, I also explained to her that wearing it would somehow increase her defenses. Perhaps with this, she should be fine if she ever falls into a life threatening situation. An attack from monsters in rapid succession would indeed be dangerous… If ever she falls into kind of unexpected situation, then it would be good for me to follow her afterwards to respond to each situation.

Sophia pulls out the sword from her waist. Preparations are now in order… and then she proceeded to walk.

I shut my mouth and looked at her moving forward… before long her figure can no longer be seen and at that time, I too started to act.

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