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(TN: Brief Summary – Sophia is now headed into the miasma filled forest. Luon took this opportunity to test her abilities and will continue to keep watch in the shadows as Sophia ventures deeper into the forest in a quest to clear it of it’s dark atmosphere.)

I first used a spell to eliminate my presence in order to not get found by the monsters and besides that, I also used another spell for sound proofing to hide the sounds I make when I pass through the thickets. So as long as I don’t do anything, it should be fine.

(TN: Not do anything that would cancel out the effects of the spells)

And then from slowly advancing from the entrance of the forest, I reached the inner most part. It was dim, the miasma that is present had also caused the atmosphere to become eerie. Slowly walking and looking out at the surroundings, I found her. Since the effects of the spell for concealment has yet to run out, I wouldn’t be found out so I’ll be continuing to follow her as it is after this.

A little time afterwards, a monster appeared in front of her. It had a bizarre face attached to a trunk of a thick dead tree with the root moving to serve as it foot. In addition, it was blowing away branches here and there… it was called Woodmail. Although I wasn’t really getting an uncomfortable feeling from it in the game, it was quite creepy to see it now here in reality. It was no wonder that the villagers were horrified.

The thing about the forest was animal based monster will come out but because of that, some kind of monsters from the plant group will also come out. Since I felt that going solo seems to be fine, I’ll follow up as soon as it becomes dangerous instead.

Combat start. The first move is from Sophia. Against the Woodmail who was waiting and seeing with slow movement, an attack was shot out from side to side as she was drawing nearer.

(TN: Combat Start = SentouKaishi.)

That certainly got in as the monster was likely staggering. However without a moment’s delay, a counter attack was shot out. Directed towards Sophia, she evaded it by escaping to the side.

However, the Woodmail’s attack is not finished. After immediately turning over its body, another attack was shot out. It was not using its body but the branches to make an attack.The branches could be seen having sharpness akin to a knife, waving her sword she took the attack.

Those to Sophia were played with a blade. It seems to have a considerable amount of hardness as the sword that made contact with the branch produced a relatively dry sound. She too became immediately wary of the branch and started thinking about how to deal with the distance.
It is conclusive to get injured by receiving a counterattack when starting off poorly. On the other hand she herself is agile so the means to defeat the monster is─

Upon thinking until that point, Sophia ran. The monster responded and took a stance, it seemed to have decided to counter so it was holding up a branch. The next moment however, the sword that she held swelled with magical power.

By any chance, is it offensive strengthening or─ cutting my thoughts the distance was instantly closed and a slash was shot out before the monster could react.

The attack beautifully hit. At the time the sword entered, she too moved in further.

“Tear into pieces─!”

Along with her voice, a whirlwind was produced in front of her. That is─『Wind Slash』a low class spell.

This spell produces a whirlwind of blades in front of the user, this was the magic shot at the monster. It was a spell listed at the bottom of the Wind Spell category so the power is not that high. However, when the magic hits directly against the Woodmail that stumble after receiving a slash, its posture was greatly destroyed.

Rather than stabbing then finishing off with a spell, shouldn’t it be adding up a patch of magic with the pursuit of the sword─ immediately after understanding, her sword had entered the monster vertically.

Thereupon, the monster that was sliced into two fell on the ground. While that body rots, I wondered what it would change to.

The monsters too have many varieties, an example is a case where animals would run wild because of the miasma of monsters and there is also another pattern where demons would be take shape due to the influence of the miasma. The Woodmail that Sophia had defeated was the latter. Therefore not even a shadow would remain from its body.

I renewed my gaze and looked into Sophia. When she adjusted her breathing and confirmed that the monster has been completely destroyed, she started to move immediately.

…when the finishing attack was carried out, the moment was unusually beautiful. The line of the sword was like a stream and above all, the spell was casted at perfect superb timing that it gave no chance for the enemy to counter attack and be defeated. The battle sense is there. Rather than comparing it even to me who was continuing to push the tactic of continuing to raise my level, the variation in the ways of battle may become higher.

While I was thinking, she moved deeper into the forest. Before long, a path with two roads shaped like a “Y” is seen. Sophia hesitated for some time and chose the path on the right afterwards.
That fork in the road was something I had already seen. The correct choice is the path on the left while the path on the right is a dead end but, an accessory should be obtainable.

Assuming that this place is… as I was thinking, an encounter with a monster. This time, it’s a goblin.

The creature called a Goblin has appeared in various novel and game media of fantasies in my previous world and was popular at that but… the Goblins of this world possess half the height of the average person so I wonder if it’s better to call them as child Oni. It has a face that’s similar to a person but seemingly warped and ugly that it gave an ominous feeling as it wore an armor and sword.

Among the soldiers of the Demon Lord, they seem to be in the lowest rank… In other words, I know this place has something that a group of Mazoku would need to come.

However, Goblins too are strong. As same with Demons, they are also classified into colors with green is the weakest. On top of that is red… the one encountered this time is red. In the game, they fellows called “Red Goblin”. Furthermore there are two of them.

Sophia readied her sword and took a stance. Even though red is the second one from the bottom, there’s not much of a difference from Sophia’s level. Furthermore, seeing a number of them are appearing, the possibility of having the tables turned is there.

The goblin moved. For now only one of them had commenced to proceed. The other one is not moving… is it waiting to see what would happen? Or did it think that only one of them is plenty?
Since I am unaware of the train of thoughts monsters are having─ but this would definitely be a good opportunity. The ideal way for battle is definitely ‘divide and conquer’. Dealing with the goblin while it’s moving independently, this is the ideal opportunity.

Though I said that, seeing that there are two of them, there are two options to choose from… but Sophia was fast in her decision. She immediately gathered magic and ran to close the distance whilst simultaneously slicing off the enemy.

From the magic that rose, is a spell that assisted in the increase of offensive strength─ the sword that the goblin held reverberated with Sophia’s sword and with a push from her, the sword was broken into and the goblin received a hit. However, the goblin has yet to fall. At that moment, the other goblin also started to move…but Sophia’s side was faster to react.


A spell was invoked. A ball of lightning appeared directly in front of her and fiercely flew towards the first goblin and got hit directly. That was a lower class spell called『 Thunder Bolt 』whose might is higher than the 『Wind Slash』 earlier but uses a bit more magic in comparison.

The result, the first goblin was turned into something black in addition to being crushed by getting hit consecutively. From there, the second one was rallying to attack. Without delay Sophia instantly repelled by firing her sword, a single flash. The Goblin was tragically unable to defend and received the attack.

From there was an art for pursuit ─ this time it was a lower class art called 『Killing Cross』. As it is called, it is an art to kill the enemy akin to how it was called, furthermore the SP used for it was low in itself and it was fairly easy to make use of.

The goblin was defeated after receiving Sophia’s attack. The enemies this time too were annihilated; Sophia then took a deep breath.

“Alright… let’s continue where we left off”

Starting off by voicing out a personal encouragement for herself, she steadily adjusted her breathing and walked forward.

Afterwards, Sophia had hit a dead end. However, in that place was a violet bracelet is discovered. The circumstances of how such a thing could be dropped in such a place is something I don’t know but for now, it seems that the item that existed there is the same from what was originally in the game.

She picked that up though unsure if she was familiar with it, she wore it on her right arm. Within the forest was a monster that posses poison but with this, it’s already nullified─ inside her waist pouch was an antidote that I placed upon this request but it seems that it won’t eventually be used and it will stay there as it is.

I moved back to the original path and watched over her back. Her silver hair was swaying with each step she takes and even though we’re inside such an outrageous forest, I can’t help but be fascinated by the glamour that she’s giving off.
I look at that figure and consider the fight that happened earlier. First was magic. All of it was a bunch of low grade spells but it was the same ones that I remember from the game. The different one was the sword art. She learned a new art.

The arts she has that I remembered from the game were two low class ones called 『Twister』 and 『Hurricane』. The former was a normal attack whose might is low but would be able to render the opponent be unable to move temporarily so it has its effective uses. The latter is an art that will clad the attack with wind and coincidently an art that uses both SP and MP. The wind attribute is being added into it and yet the might of the attack is that of a common strike. This art belongs to the category called “Magic art” and could not be used unless magic is learned.

It was possible in the game for any characters to learn an art. However there are also cases where conditions are needed to be met in order to learn and these are called unique arts.

Basically, arts that can be used by anyone are called “Generic Arts” and the one where others learn magic by memorizing the spell inscriptions are called “Spell-guiding arts”. Then, there are also arts that can’t be remembered by particular characters called “Inherent Arts” and these three are the general classifications that exist. Again, within those arts exists another classification broken into low class, intermediate class, and advance class where unless one reaches a certain level, attaining anything or within the intermediate level would not be possible.

The 『Killing Cross』 that she used earlier is under the classification of a low class generic art. There isn’t a level-like problem with it but she used an art that she originally didn’t know so surely within herself, a memory of the technique in her head is in her head. Since this is already the real world, it’s now become doubtful that everyone can use the same arts and spell that they had in the game but… If she is able to master sword arts then perhaps she can master the generic arts that existed in the game.

Sophia returned to the original path the she came from and moved advanced. She encounters and battles wood mails and other monsters along the way but then… within those battles was something that I became aware of.

In the battles that kept piling up and finishing, she was without a mistake leveling up.

After passing through several branching paths, two goblins were encountered. This time, the two goblins attacked at the same time— Sophia used 『Wind Slash』 on the other goblin and used the recoil to quickly slash her sword. The enemy was defeated after three attacks… I can feel that her slashes are getting stronger.

At the very least, the disposal of monsters are getting faster with each piled up experience… there is without a doubt an ability for growth.
At the time I was thinking, Sophia continued to advance. Comparing the time when she just entered the forest compared to actions that she has taken now, I can say that it was perfect so far.

Although there were moments where I couldn’t help but sigh on the times where several dead ends were met, I immediately braced myself to act without giving up. That was because the inside of the forest is far more complicated than that of the game where I thought that at least a landmark should be made to note get lost, however, she did not even do that. Rather than that, It seems that she remembers all that paths that she had taken. For example, she had never gotten lost or had taken the same path.

A mind that is not troubled when faced with several monsters and an appropriate strength in both judgment and memory… As a warrior, I can say that it would be a perfect score. With this, it’s still too early until the growth is determined─

Again, Sophia encountered Goblins. Now there are three, as expected there is a possibility in pressure of numbers… is what I had thought but somehow an aria was initiated. Un, up until now it was different but─

“─Play it!”

Along with those words, a spell was invoked. What was shown to me up until now was elementary class wind and thunder spells. What were fired towards the goblin were several torn wind blades.

Those had hit the goblin but as expected, it was not a fatal blow but was able to flinch and frighten them. Without letting that chance slip by, Sophia immediately closed the distance and crushed the goblins that were damaged and stopped moving.

Good… And so the magic that she fired off was most likely『 Aerial Sword』. It is a spell that fires off a blade of wind towards an enemy in a straight line and though a similar low class spell like 『Wind Slash』, its might is more powerful. Although she did not possess it in the game, being able to use it means that the knowledge is similar to that of the sword art used earlier. It seems like it’s somewhere along the lines of “The level has increased and the skills are now available”… If it was just an ordinary person, such a thing was impossible.

For example there were cases like when Katie was accompanying Fili in a party as a comrade. I am not sure of the theory behind it but in the game, it seems that there would be a big difference between the same character that had joined as a comrade and one that has not. Now that this has become reality, such a thing may be called ‘talent’ so…it seems like Sophia has a kind of 『Talent』 like Fili and Eina even though she can only be used once only in the scenario.

If so, she would indeed become stronger with training…yet she also has the blood of the philosopher. If I think about it, for example we acquire the same strength to defeat the Demon Lord similar to the five protagonists in the game… but this I think is actually dangerous to try. As it is not possible to redo any scenarios and nothing happens after defeating the five great generals, the continent will crumble.

Therefore I would like to have someone from the five original protagonists be the center… As I was lost in those thoughts, Sophia had finally reached the end.

“Here is…”

Within the miasma filled forest in a deeper filled place. In there was a strange plant.
Its name is chimera plant. The surrounding trunks of the many trees serve as its body, along with colorful flowers and countless vines and branches around, it has enshrined itself neatly at the very back of the forest.

The Chimera Plant that noticed Sophia, had its magic tremble slightly… this fellow wouldn’t move. However if you approach it too close, it will counter attack with its thick vines and branches. After taking further distance, roots will jump out of the ground and attack. With its HP being at the High level side, it’s a difficult enemy that tends to be a long-term fight.

To relieve this was to focus the attack solely on the main body and in the game it was to start off with not being annihilated. So as I say but this time, Sophia is alone. This I think would be difficult to beat so I will watch over the course of the battle for the moment.

Anticipating the battle, the monster’s side was the first tom move. Several vines were heading straight at Sophia.
Those she quickly responded and coincidently, an aria is initiated.

“Play for me!”

Along with her voice 『Aerial Sword』 is fired. The blades of wind directly hit the enemy─ it trimmed the trunk somehow but it seems that there is not much of a damage.

One after the other, Sophia continued to cast her aria. Those were quickly fired off in succession but before my eyes, I judged that this here is an existence akin to a chief of the forest that I can feel it mustering its strength in the atmosphere.

Blades of wind flew in succession. The Chimera Plant’s weakness is fire but she surely should have yet to master the fire system in magic. If she were to utilize it here, a deeper enlightenment on magic would have been reached but─

Looking back at Sophia, she had realized the range of the vine’s attack retreated outside of it. It seems that she had seen through the attack of the enemy and escaped its scope. Being able to decide instantly, more than anything quickly recognizing the enemy’s move, both her judgment and insight is high.

However, that is also a trap─ instantly, the ground at her feet slowly started to rise up.

Translators Note:
1. I changed the word Waza in japanese to art instead as technique as a word is different i think.
2. Spell will be the actual magic or majutsu and Magic is how we determine maryoku as its mentioned many times concurrently.
3. Comrades will be how we define “nakama” in a party
4. We will use Protagonist if we are pertaining from the game and Heroes if pertaining to actual reality in the story.

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