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Because of the branches not reaching the target, the Chimera plant decided to make use of its roots and decided to attack from the ground. Sophia who was looking straight ahead is unable to take notice of it─ wrong,

In an instant, I guess that she was able to sense it and in a weakened state escaped to the side. Immediately afterwards, the roots extends at the place where she stood. With the roots advancing like spearheads, Sophia manifested a thin magic barrier that should have sufficient power but then… receiving it may result in a rouse of a predicament.

Seeing that she is alone, receiving an attack and have her movements be locked will certainly have her in a pinch… at the time I was thinking that, Sophia had already reorganized her posture.
However at the next instance that she escaped again to the side. The Chimera plant’s root followed in pursuit. Sensing that, she is able to successfully evade.

“This is indeed, troublesome…”

After a small murmur Sophia then took a stance with her sword, advancing towards the bottom part of the Chimera Plant. Just that, this time vines were coming at her to attack.

Sophia is able to play with them to a degree but as expected, the number of vines are far too many to be able to cut and handle all of them where retreating was the only choice. Immediately following the retreat is the attack from the roots… now that I see it, there is this talk that I had heard about the Chimera Plant being troublesome on my single journey play.

This monster’s attack speed was in itself fast that in the case of battling it alone, the attack received will be focused and any gaps for an attack or distractions would in conclusion be nowhere. If it’s an organized party the trouble with the boss is nothing if it’s coped with good interaction but, something like turning into some kind of blind play should be the trouble for this boss.


Sophia raised a somewhat annoyed voice. Thereupon, in there were vines drawing near her.
The surrounding roots were wiped out however her move is one step too late. The Chimera Plant saw this opportunity and made sure it’s attack will go through—Sophia is able to avoid the attack barely by twisting her body. No—her right flank was skimmed.


Having been damaged by the attack she made a small groan. The Chimera Plant’s attack offensive will not stop. If it stays as it is, she will be defeated having received the converged attack. If so then I— will have to go is what I considered but, Sophia completely made a turn and plunged forward. The chimera plant then immediately had it vines grow out and aim at her

“—Be destroyed!”

Quickly afterwards, her voice made a loud clack. Without realizing it an aria was—as I was about to asses it, red lights were born from her surroundings.
As to accurately call them, those were not light but flames. The flames forming into the form of a slender knife, started to rain incessantly towards the Chimera Plant all at once.

This is one of the lower class spell called [Flame Needle]… it is a spell that summons small scale flames that then attack the enemy. In the game, I remember that it can have at least five needles face towards the enemy and then use it to hit the enemy consecutively so, it was employed for that type of use. It’s might in flames is number one under [Fire Ball] and it was to a degree of being almost a match.

However, the needles that she had shot out were far from the one in the game as it was too small also, their numbers were numerous.
It is clear that it is not enough to defeat the chimera plant but—

The spell had directly hit the enemy. It appears that her aim was to clear the vines and due to being bathed with small flames while burning up, their sharpness had already been lost.
I see, the flaming vines itself are being grilled to exhaustion… At the time that I too am thinking, Sophia closed in on the distance to the enemy even more. Coincident with her advance were even more arias were being initiated.

With the successive offensive, does she plan to force her way through… though I say that at this time, she had only been damaged for a few times only against the Chimera Plant. Forcing her way through from here on out and doing it with the amount of force that she has on her attacks would be difficult… I prepared myself to immediately go and aid her if needed, but I will watch over her fight for now.

After burning the vines to ashes, she has now finally reached a point where her sword can reach the Chimera plant and land a hit. And then, immediately following it was [Killing Cross]. Hitting the center trunk of the tree accurately and gouging out a portion of it, the Chimera Plant greatly shook.

It was effective—from there new vines started to appear and attacked. However, she did not stop at her attacks. Going in even more, she had resolved herself on damage and took a posture for running.

Oi, I reflexively seemed to have raised my voice. Sophia with the most smallest of movement avoid the vines. However the attacks were far too many that dodging all of them was impossible, from her flanks and top of the shoulders, her entire body is receiving the pillage of sharpness from the vines.

Moreover Sophia is seemingly letting out painful groans…but she endures it, and pushes forward her left hand.

“—Burst Open!”

Along with her voice, flames were produced from her left hand. I am unable to identify the spell that was shot towards the Chimera Plant as it was done approximately at zero distance.
However, I could understand that with the amount of magic imbued… this is surely [Fire Lance]. The target is the opponent’s body. It is a spell within the Fire types that has even more offensive strength, if the weakness of the opponent is flame then it should be able to provide a considerable amount of damage.

With the surroundings being covered in sweltering heat, Sophia immediately retreated. Since she had fired the spell at zero distance, it wouldn’t be strange if she were to also have burns but…since the arm is being strengthened as the spell is being invoked, any major external wounds on it shouldn’t be present.
And so, the Chimera Plant… whose trunk had received a large damage is still alive. However, the branches and vines were somewhat confused and moving around meaninglessly, a chance has been born.

Normally, this would be the time to set up the pace and attack but Sophia herself has her own wounds. Here she quickly performed an aria and invoked a healing spell. Though it did not perfectly heal all of her injuries, any of the bleeding or open wounds are now generally gone.

Facing the Chimera Plant, she recomposed her stance. It should be certain that this fellow’s HP is brought down after receiving consecutive attacks. Though I am unsure if its ability is the same as it was in the game but based on the magic emanating from the monster, I can tell that the 『Fire Lance』 earlier is quite effective.
Thus the spell earlier, I can presume that magic was considerable kneaded─ in the game it was not possible to adjust the strength of a spell but since this is now the real world, that possibility now exist. I already expected that raising the strength of a lower class spell up to power of an intermediate class spell will be difficult but… since the enemy is the Chimera Plant it seems possible to raise the strength of a determined strike.

I renewed my sights and checked again. The monster’s magic is evidently weakened as compared to what it had earlier. After a degree of receiving several more attacks, the possibility of bringing it down is there.

I wonder what she’ll be doing next─ Sophia ran. Facing her was the Chimera Plant that responded to her move by sending out vines toward her.
The composition was similar the previous scenario but comparing if I were to make a comparison, Sophia’s movements now are not sharp. It is evident that her capability to move had lowered. Though the Chimera Plant that she now face has its magic lowered, the movement of its vines itself did not decline.

At this point, the Chimera Plant holds the advantage. To add up, Sophia’s magic is also slowly getting lower. There shouldn’t be any methods left to make use of.
That is why, after brushing off an attack she fired off 『Fire Lance』 at a distance from the middle. It seems that she had judged that stepping in and imitating what she did earlier was not possible. There is also the possibility of being defended by the vines and─ the attack is a direct hit on the Chimera Plant. However, it did not fall.


Sophia groaned in a low voice. Then the Chimera plant made its move, Sophia was somehow able to evade its attack.

Again the Aria for 『Fire Lance』 is being invoked but─ thereupon a much fiercer attack from the Chimera Plant with its vines are being made. The goal perhaps is to stop the invocation. Although casting can be done while moving or attacking, concentrating to a certain extent is still needed. For the sake of stopping that─ it seems that it has the ability to learn.

If the options of using spells are unavailable then there is no other choice than to get close but it also means that she had to avoid the vines that were rampaging. The risk is high considering the condition of injuries… it should be possible to recover with healing but with the gap that it would leave, the Chimera Plant would not miss it.

Falling back here is… No, knowing the state of her injuries, I’m not even sure if she would be able to escape with the attack from the roots. Looking at Sophia as I think about it, she is not showing any signs of plan for a retreat.

Anything beyond having a body full of wounds, here should already be my turn…As I was having such feelings, I tried to reveal myself.
But at the next moment,


I clearly heard Sophia call my name with her voice.

“Somewhere, you are watching right?”

─ As I was about to nearly answer. Eh? Wait a minute.

Nay, was it conjecture that I would follow after using some kind of spell. There is also the possibility of something triggering that would expose my existence─

“Not yet, the battle has yet to end. Everything, please make a decision after looking at the next offensive.”

It seems that I was seen through with that remark as I was about to go in and interfere… at the same time, I came to an understanding.

When we were at the entrance, Sophia had asked me how she would be able to convince me. I answered that I would give her one day but… If she were to fail in fulfilling that condition then she probably thinks that she may be told to go with the king at the worst.

That means my objective does not come true. However, why would I go to such a length to─ is what I wanted to ask but, I decided to bear with it and watch over her battle. No matter what the result may be, if I were to intervene here then she would definitely not agree with it.

I look at her face from the side. Along with having a determined expression that would face monsters even at her death, she seems to have already decided what to do.

Sophia poured magic into her blades and ran. Most likely, she is making a gamble. With the Chimera Plant having received much damage, I am unsure if the next attack would be enough to bring it down. However, close to the limit, she started running towards the enemy to land a final blow.

The Chimera Plant not wanting to be defeated also goes into the offensive. Summing up all the damage that it had received until now, its movement had indeed become dull─ In spite of it, it stretches enough vines to attack and defeat Sophia.

Looking from the side, I judged that Sophia would not be able to evade the attack of the enemy. It seems that she too knew of it and only played with the attacks that would hinder her assault and ignored the other attacks but, it then in turn hurt her body. In exchange for receiving the damage, she succeeds in closing in the gap between her and the monster.

And then─ she held her sword vertically.


A clear sound from a single cut. Immediately afterward, I saw flames gush out from the blade that Sophia holds. This is a guiding art called 『Flame Blade』─ Sophia along with that art, threw everything in and released it.

The attack was received directly by the Chimera Plant. That exchange of attacks, on the contrary, left her body full of blade-like wounds from receiving the vine’s offensive. A situation where they exchanged hits simultaneously. If it is not decided with this attack, the Chimera Plant will definitely move in for a finishing attack. If it came to that, then I would have no other choice but to make a follow-up.

However, at the next moment, the vines that were moving completely came to a stop. Furthermore, the body of the Chimera Plant began to crumble and collapse.
It’s defeated─ I hadn’t noticed that I was clenching my fist as I murmured those words within my mind. Simultaneously, Sophia too also started to fall down and I hurriedly rushed over to her side.

Along with that defeat was the miasma in the forest disappearing and at the location where the Chimera Plant once stood, various flowers that should also be described as debris bloomed. Just like in the game, this change was brought about the destruction of the Chimera Plant that was a source of the miasma. This meant that the request is now completed.

I canceled the spell and got closer to Sophia. Then,

“How, was I…?”

Sophia was about to get up but I told her “Do not push yourself” and first began treating her with a spell.
Making use of healing spells, the wounds around Sophia’s body closed one by one. After confirming that the pain had disappeared from her face, I asked.

“Why…going this far, fighting like this?”

“… I too, wanted to save the village. However,”

Then, her eyes fell on me and matched with mine.

“This is in order to get recognized, by Luon-sama himself.”

“By me…?”

“If I were to go with Luon-sama, surely the power to defeat the Demon King can be achieved─ that is what I believe”

The basis─ though it has been said, or rather the words came from her first.

“From the time that you had rescued me and my father, the fights with the monsters we encountered on the way to this village… Luon-sama has unparalleled skills, and I felt that you were fighting as you were suppressing it considerably.”

…I never thought that I would be but with acting but─ as I had thought, it may be understood instead as a person who’s seeing it.
In addition to that insight, Sophia could possibly be able to sense some magical signs through the bloodline of the philosopher. Did she feel that power and used it as a matter to study me?

“The request this time, perhaps Luon-sama gave it to me with the intention of giving it up?


“More than helping out, not wanting to have something dangerous be done is I understand … but”

Sophia slowly stood up. I too also stood up and faced her.

“I want to obtain the strength to defeat the Demon King”

“…that is”

Once again I held my words. Before I go ahead and decide things variously, there is one thing that I would need to hear first.

“The thought of having Sophia having an idea of how to get stronger towards me is good… however, are you really fine with me?”


“Even though I did indeed rescue you and the king, am I not still a person that you have met for only a couple of days? Can you even trust me?”

Such a thing is something that I asked towards myself also… In front of me was Sophia that answered the question with a “Yes” without hesitation.

“The reasons you have given us on our rescue… and also with my personal observation of Luon-sama, I have judged it.”

─ I wonder if it was in the journey when I was checking if she was okay. And then I decided to study it and in accordance to the condition to do the request alone and eventually defeating the boss that I gave her.

“How, was it?”

With a more or less uneasy expression, Sophia asked. Although the injuries were already healed, the clothes that were torn here and there by the vines can be seen and can be guessed that it was a fierce battle.

Considering the fight this time, it’s definitely a perfect score. She grew rapidly, learned spells and arts, and led the destruction of the Chimera plant alone. Looking at only the growth ability and the ones that can be shared to players like Fili, she indeed possesses abilities of a player character.

In line with those, is the bloodline of the Philosopher─ however, we have to take this into consideration. Since she is not one of the main protagonists in the game that you can use till the end, I still do not know if she would be able to gain the power to break the barrier of the Demon King.

I think there is a quality to observe related to that but… I will think about this along with the trends of where the main characters would be. What is more important is no one learns of her existence. If her presence is recognized in the higher echelons of the demon tribe then attacks may somehow be thrown into the other kings. Considering so, it will be necessary to move about inconspicuously.

I looked into her eyes. I shouldn’t have placed any emotions in my gaze but, Sophia’s face made a little strong front. She thinks that I would say that it’s no good it seems.

I mean, up until this time I’ve done nothing more but answer with a “No”─

“I understand… I you are fine with me. Provided that beyond the threat of the Demon King, do not reveal your identity by any means. I too will act accordingly so that your identity will not be found out.”

“Yes, as your follower, I will be in your care”

Sophia showed a smile─ a smile akin to flowers that were in full bloom.

Besides, I don’t think it’s a bit of a dream but I will think about it.

Well, the main characters too are moving smoothly. There are unpleasant events that I would like to avoid but has yet to happen so I still have time to train her with the story earlier.

For the time being, there may be problems with several things but there is no element that would shake the core events─ with this, I have gotten myself a follower.

Thereupon─ thinking that it will be more troublesome from here on out, I left the forest together with Sophia.

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1. I had a problem with the kanji of vines so I may have pertained to them as Shoots at the previous chapter. It still works anyways 🙂
2. Game Talk and Real Talk – The word Main charater will be used when flashback on games and “Heroes” when conversing to people in the story
3. Take note that I refer to Maryoku as Magic and Mahou as Spells
4. Whenever Sophia is parrying, blocking or facing vines, the Kanji used for it is play(As in Play the guitar) so this got me jumped. Play in this case is like parrying i think on the story

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