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“The people earlier, are from the long eared tribe right?”

As Mistral and I are walking inside the forest, I asked.

I often hear the legend of the dragon that lives in the forest of dragons but this is the first time I’ve heard of the long eared tribe living in it.

“Yes. They seem to have lived in this forest since the olden days.”

“Was Mistral aware of them? Or rather, you were having a seemingly friendly conversation.”

“You’re right. I periodically deliver the all purpose medicine from my end and on their end, things are sent in to us. Much like earlier where there is an audacious bunch, a mutual cooperation is there for moving out. “

“heee. Now I understand.”

It seems like the versatile nasal mucus is also used by the long eared tribe. But is there someone in there that knows of it true form? Wow, interesting~

“What are the things sent by the long eared tribe?”

“I wonder, things like fruits that taken inside the forest are the main ones. But once in a while, there are armors and fabrics woven by the village as well. Majority of those I receive, I bring back to the village of the dragon tribe.”

“Fuuun. Come to think of it, does Mistral go to ojii-chan’s place by herself every day?”

“That’s right. The village is in the dragon’s peak but if I use the dragon king’s technique I can come easily.

Like me, it seems like Old Sleighstar is also being picked and dropped off by Mistral. I wonder, coming and going to and from the dragon’s peak is definitely distant.

“Maybe someday, I would like to visit Mistral’s village”

Towards the nonchalant words I said, Mistral had a seemingly malicious smile.

“Certainly. Someday you would greet my parents”

“Ah, Haaa!?”

Tha-that’s right. Since I’ll be marrying Mistral, I have to go and greet them.

I heard that Mistral is popular among the Dragon tribe so if I go there for greetings then wouldn’t I have troubles in the village? Or rather, I wonder if the people of the Dragon tribe already know of me and Mistral.

Thinking of the things in the future, I began to feel nervous and start to sweat unpleasantly.
I-it hurtssss. The small wounds throughout my whole body that got soaked were stinging.

“fufufu. But we don’t need to talk about that you see. First of all, you have to become a man.”

Mistral smiled and started to stroke my head.

Although Mistral is older, I occasionally get treated as a child. However, my head getting stroked is something I like. As a man, I wonder how it works.

“Yeah. I’ll do my best. Then together with Mistral, we’ll protect this forest.”

I wonder if I too can become someone that could protect this forest and have the duty of Old Sleighstar’s caretaker together with Mistral.

Then with the long eared tribe earlier, I wonder if there will be a day when we act together with them.

Because the Long Eared tribe is also a legendary tribe along with Old Sleighstar. To be able to do something together with them is something precious.

Perhaps even the Hero Ristia does not know anything of them.

“I’m glad to protect the forest together with you but you need to apologize about the dangerous things like the one that happened earlier.”

At Mistral’s pierced nails, I grimaced.

It was not that I was careless but I never thought that I would be caught by scoundrels and have my life would be at peril. I put my neck into things easily too much. To reflect on this is something I must do.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I will properly think about it from now on before acting out.”

When I obediently apologized, Mistral too had smiled happily.
For the beautiful Mistral to smile, it was like an earth-shatteringly mysterious painting.
I unconsciously became fascinated completely that I ended up falling behind Mistral.

“Don’t just stand there, quickly let’s go”

After Mistral who is ahead of me said that, I became confused and ran after her afterwards.

Shortly after walking, the atmosphere of air in the forest changes.

At this moment, I am always guided to the moss filled plaza of the forest where the old tree resides.

Unaware before my eyes, huge old trees appeared to make a detour and the plaza filled moss can already be seen.
No matter how many times I come here, I am always surprised at this wonder-like moment.

In the middle of the moss plaza was a large dragon that looked like a hill, Old Sleighstar was already watching us.

Mistral and I lined up and entered the Moss Plaza.

“I’m back and……”
“Grandpa Hi……”


Mistral and I that suddenly got sneezed by Old Sleighstar were blown away.
Being thrown into the muddy stream of nasal mucus, we got forced back into the forest of old trees.

Completely covered with nasal mucus (TN: Gross lol)

“G-Grandpa. Doing such a thing all of a sudden.”

Mistral was with a guise of a demon and unsheathed the one handed rod. I wonder if it’s my imagination but my fighting spirit is swaying and overflowing from my whole body.

Just like me, Mistral whose whole body is covered with nasal mucus is closing in unto old Sleighstar with thumping sounds.

The jet black one handed rod shone.

“Wait Wait Wait Wait”

Old Sleighstar is in panic.

Go get him Mistral-san.
I will support Mistral.

Really. Old Sleighstar getting yelled at by Mistral is something that I know but why do we have to do this strange thing every time.
There is no room for sympathy.

When I got back into the moss plaza, I was cheering behind Mistral who was seething with anger as I faced her back.

“O-One’s self is aware of the Injuries Ernea has and was only worried.
“Don’t waste your breath. Those are healed”

Struggling as his forefoot was trembling, Old Sleighstar was pleading innocence with his buzzing face.

However Mistral refused to hear him out and raised the one handed rod overhead.

Finish him─

“T-this. Do not think of such dangerous things”

Old Sleighstar read my mind.

Grandpa, if its injuries then you can plaster yourself with your prided nasal mucus. Obediently become Mistral’s prey.
Towards Old Sleighstar, I placed my hand together and offered a silent prayer.

“Thou intend to return this one’s grace with ruin?”

Old Sleighstar’s bitter cries were futile and Mistral’s one handed rod is swung down on his fingertip.

The shining one handed rod rumbled a dull sound and smashed the scales on Old Sleighstar’s fingertip as it sank down on it.

A blasting sound reverberates.


Old Sleighstar made a pitiful shriek.
Oh my(Arara). As he cried and opened his large mouth, one of the fangs seems to be missing.
Ah, perhaps it broke with yesterday’s dispute with mistral.

H-how frightening. (O-Osoroshii)

Looking up at the large legendary dragon, the one injuring it was a beautiful girl called Mistral. Looking at the unreal spectacle before me, I could only smile bitterly.

“Really now. I know you’re worried about Ernea’s wounds but aren’t there other means of doing it.”

At one more hit, Mistral seemed to have calmed down as she returned the one-handed rod on her waste and looked up at Old Sleighstar with a troubled face.

Old Sleighstar who was rubbing his fingertip with teary eyes, was groaning sadly.

Then finally, I arrived beside the two of them.

Since the versatile nasal mucus is a mysterious thing, it would just evaporate and disappear if you leave it as it is. So both my and Mistral’s clothes had already become dried. It’s already dried but I don’t think it’s become filthy.

“Is it not what you should think at this point?”

At Old Sleighstar’s tsukkomi (Retort), Oopsie, my face was frowning. I’m sorry.
But thanks to you, my body that was full of scratches is healed. As expected.

“Fumu, your wounds are healed, and the danger was somehow overcome. Above all, you are safe”

Looking at my healthy figure, Old Sleighstar’s eyes showed a satisfied expression.

“Was Grandpa able to sense that I was in danger?”

It was also the same at the time in the ruins, to be able to perceive me even at a faraway place is amazing.

“This one is able to perceive the damage in the forest and coincidentally, thou Dragon’s power was disturbed so I was certain to send Mistral in a hurry. I am glad that she arrived in time.”

Ohh. So that’s how it was.

“Thank you very much”

I made sure to properly give thanks to Old Sleighstar and Mistral. These kind of matters must be done even within intimate relationships.

However, to be able to perceive the disturbance in the dragon’s vein eh. As I am now, I wonder if I am capable of using the dragon’s power for even a little. That and I too were to train more, I wonder if I would be able to feel the dragon’s pulse and Dragon’s spirit from far away like Old Sleighstar.

“It is something that is up to thee. If thine wishes for it, thee must first work hard.”

“Yes, I will do my best”

“Really, you guys are…”

At the conversation between Old Sleighstar and me using my mind and words, Mistral seemingly gave up and let out a sigh.

“The both of you, aren’t you always talking. Don’t have a conversation that I don’t understand.”

Geez said Mistral as she shook her head. To match with her movement, her long beautiful hair swayed.
Un, this is all thanks to the versatile nasal mucus. It has become more glossy and beautiful than the usual. But it seems mistral would get angry if I were to say this to her.

“Fumu, with this one’s nasal mucus, it will also bring about good things to one’s hair. Is it not pleasant Mistral?”

“Aaaaah, Grandpa. How could you say such thing?”

Will you tell it to me?
My breathing stopped and Mistral was glaring at my face.

“Ernea, sit down right now”

Mistral quickly pointed at me and I followed her words in panic.
And then Old Sleighstar was watching us as he laughed with a ‘kakaka’ sound.

Because one of his fangs ended up missing, it somehow turned into something stupid.

“Now then, let’s leave it at that. King, you were supposed to give something to Ernea right?”

Although Mistral was still disgusted at both me and Old Sleighstar, she turned towards a different matter.

“Ah, I also have something important that I must say.”

A Dragon slaying Demon sword. This thing is an important matter that I must talk about today.

“Fumu. Then let us hear of what thou need to talk about.”

“In order for me to also understand, properly put it into words”

After giving a wry smile at Mistral’s retort, I spoke of the details of the time I went to the royal castle.

It was about the collected demon swords in the historic ruins. Even though the purifications were completed, the swords did not rot and the dragon killing attributes remained for all of the four swords.

I also talked about the matters about the Flying dragon knights from Yorutenitosu Kingdom that came flying.
Of course I didn’t speak of the disagreeable character of the prince had showed me.

“Dragon Slaying sword, is it?”

Mistral with a meek expression placed one of her hands on her chin and pondered.

Old Sleighstar’s eyes too were the same and for some reason began to be in thoughts.

Each and every time, I wondered why I was able to understand various things and emotions from Old Sleighstar just from his small movements.

Maybe similar to Old Sleighstar, I am able to read the minds of dragons. As I have thought of that, Old Sleighstar opened his eyes and looked down at me.

“Simultaneously creating demon swords, along with having the same attributes right? Whether if there was such a demon that could posses such strength. No, If it was only demon swords, then there are demons that could make them. But if the dragon slaying attribute were to be given then…

‘Ununu’, Old Sleighstar groaned.

If it’s Old Sleighstar that had lived for a very long time, then he should be able to know a variety of different demons. He must be searching whether a corresponding demon fits among the details we have.

Both I and Mistral kept silent as we watched Old Sleighstar as he was thinking.
However, it seems that he was unable to hit upon anything.

“Mistral. After going back to the village, tell this matter to the dragonian tribe, also include the dragon tribe when you do. I am unaware of who is capable of manufacturing this but we cannot leave the weapons that could slay dragons as it is.”

To Old Sleighstar who was speaking with an unusual strict tone, Mistral nodded.

“I humbly obey. The people of the Dragon’s peak are also to be vigilant on the movements of the Demon tribe.”

That’s right. I wonder what the Demon tribe is thinking to make such a thing like a Demon sword with a Dragon Slaying Attribute. I think that they are planning something bad as their reason for making it.

It is also worrisome that it was discovered by the Amuado Kingdom, a country of the human tribe beyond the dragon tribe.

Well, if it’s internal things like then the Hero should be the one to handle it. I am certain that Risitia would become busy after this without a doubt.

“It is nice of you to inform this to us. The Demon tribe seems to be scheming something”

“Well then, it’s my turn to say something now right?”

At Mistral’s urging, Old Sleighstar gave a nod.

I wonder what this thing is that they’ll give me. As I was looking with expectations, Old Sleighstar scratched the jet black fur at his wrist and took out something from inside it.
Is the fur even a place to store things away?
Before I could even touch the subject of my concern, the previously taken long and narrow object that was skillfully held between two nails was placed near me.

Well this is.

“A wooden sword?”

Before my eyes, a crude looking branch of wood was placed as calling it a single wooden sword was too much.
The length of the blade is longer than a medium sword but shorter than a long sword. Although a single edge was shaved on it, there was not much width or thickness to it.
The part of the sword guard as it is was short and seemingly stretching. Tree branches were growing as 2 were short to look like a guard, one of which had the leaves and the other one with one leaf still remaining.
The portion of the handgrip as it is had wooden skin left and the entirety of the sword was somehow entangled with ivy.

“Well. This is”

I wonder. I’m having a little bad feeling. A wood entangled with Ivy, right…

“That is the spiritual wood of the young tree that thou have taken care of yesterday.”

“Aaaaaahhhh. My goodness!”

Since the young tree was not growing up under the tree of its mother, I and Mistral brought it with us after pulling it out.
Why did you turn it into a wooden sword?
Isn’t it pitiful?

I was shocked too much about it.

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