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The following day, yesterday’s arrangements were followed and we had proceeded into the cave.

If I’m not mistaken, the place is called ‘The Cave of Romas’. Romas as we call it is actually placed on a very simple area and although the location of the cave is at such a place, it actually serves its own meaning.
So although it’s only natural for me to say this… the monsters here are weak. Since that is the situation, I carry a very normal weapon In order for them to not learn of the cheat-grade strength that I possess. However, the enemies still end up dying after hitting them once so in order to counter such a thing, I let the monsters graze me for at least a few instance and rob them of their movements afterwards.

Continuing to fight with monsters until we have an atmosphere of having a close fight and defeating them afterwards… At the beginning, I was having difficulties in executing this but as the time passes by since entering the cave, I was somehow able to maneuver myself quite well and not get exposed.

“Surprisingly, we’re getting quite used to this.”

After deciding that we should take a break while inside the cave, Fili started talking. I started to feel nervous due to the trauma I had regarding the incident at the bar the other day, It is still lingering within me.

“Well… If I may, we’ve spent quite some time at this side of the dungeon.”
“I think so too, how about you?”
“Same with me, also… this is the first time I’ve ventured this area. It’s better to be careful”

To my words, Fili responded with a nod… On the other hand, the group of two females were looking around us restlessly.
Looking back into the game, Coly’s use of magic at the beginning would always blast away enemies with one hit and nothing would be left afterwards so… In terms of the most numbers of monsters being defeated, she would be the one.

Katie on the other hand is also capable of firing such magic but… is she really able to? Similar to what it was in the game, the concept of MP is still present so limiting the output of magic to what is only necessary prevents the caster from being unable to use anything at all when it is needed. We have no choice but to consider such things when it comes to MP but… Incidentally, there is also what we call SP that is consumed by using a technique or skill.

In the case of applying magic, MP is used and the consumption depends on the application while SP on the other hand naturally restores itself after it is used as opposed to MP. However, troubles are still bound to occur depending on the situation. An example of this is when you form your party around a warrior, yes you can use many techniques and defeat enemies but there was still the might of a single spell if the party is centered on a mage. But… whoever the center of your party is, at the end, it will come to a struggle at most of the time.

There is also a chance of growth for the both of them but a high level of freedom is needed for it. As an example, Coly would be able to memorize the use of more magic and Katie would be able to memorize the use of techniques. However, looking at their current situation… both of them had probably decided to completely dedicate themselves to their own techniques and magic.
Personally, I would like to provide Coly with assistance in memorizing support magic to use at the last battle but… right now wouldn’t be good time to provide her with such an advice. Whether she would be part of the final party or not is something that I am not sure of yet.

“Well then, shall we proceed?”

With Fili’s words, the two girls gave a nod and we again, started moving forward. And as we encounter monsters again…Fili and the rest showed expressions of dissatisfaction. While providing instructions, a battle had already broke out.

――In here, Fili was able to give me quite a surprise. This is due to the speed of how he is growing. The result of how far he had grown… this amount was clearly seen by judging the time since we entered the cave.

Looking at the game’s perspective, if the first dungeon can be cleared at the initial level, this cave that we are at now can be cleared at two and after reaching three, this place would become much tougher of a place to raise one’s level and the conditions for mastery would be stricter. Thinking about it was really not such a big deal but… He had already exceeded it and had risen his level to about the next one. I gave never seen an adventurer nor swordsman that would grow this much by going through the dungeon just once.

The rate at which he levels up is abnormally fast… After looking at Fili, this fact is something I can confirm.

Thus, if he’s simply just going to get stronger like this… It’s no wonder that others would give him a nod and have expectations towards him. Katie and Coly were also worthy of such praise but Fili possesses a charisma like ability that enabled him to win over such people… After considering it, having ‘that’ coupled with succeeding the blood of the philosopher, her definitely is worthy of being called a ‘Main Character’.
I see… he is  a “Genuine” existence of what is a ‘Main Character, a ‘Great Man’, or a ‘Hero. It is now evidently clear to me that I am no different from the others. Lost in my thought, a strange place was seen from afar… at this time, all of us consented to go towards it and marched forward.

Now then, I can finally feel that the Boss of this cave is near. Within the depths of this place is a sealed ‘Demon Beast’ acting as the boss. The Hero had entered the cave at the time it was revived by chance but… If you really think about it, this is similar to being opportunistic but this situation is something I cannot and hadn’t interfered with.
Nevertheless, because of this incident, he would grow more as a Hero and others would get a glimpse of him being ‘it’ that it would make you think that ‘there was such a potion’ would likely be the reason later.

By the time we had reached the deepest part, Fili suddenly halted. Ohh… seems like it is finally starting.

“I can feel a presence…”

By the time Coly gave her response, a slight tremor occurred within the cave for some time. The two girls immediately took a quick glance at our surroundings… what followed immediately was the clattering noise of the inner walls which crumbled afterwards.
Without a moments delay, the party took up arms. To match with the others, I too prepared my sword and placed it forward and then… that guy appeared.

Accompanied by the it’s gray fur, what had appeared was a wolf… however, the face it made was warped and definitely grotesque that the very presence of it would inhibit fear to those before it.

If I remembered it correctly, the name given to it is… ‘Dawn Wolf’

“T-this guy is…!?”

These words were muttered by Fili. Kathie and Coly were glancing at Fili who was staring at the ‘Demon Beast’ as they wondered what kind of actions they should take.
If this was the actual game, words would no longer be necessary and the battle would start immediately but looking at them… what should I do?


I called out to him who was now staring at empty space. The ‘Demon Beast’ was already approaching and so he…

“Me and Coly will stand at the front. Katie and Luon-san, please act as rear-guards and provide support.
“I understand”

Me and Katie acknowledge and withdrew to our assigned places. Immediately, Coly and Fili moved forward but… As expected, is victory possible?
If you were to base the strength of the boss by its appearance, the strength is not that high in comparison. Thinking about it, defeating it through numbers was possible. In addition, their levels had already increased since the time we’ve entered the cave that even if it was just Fili, the chances of taking it down by itself is still plenty.

Indeed it was possible but… there is still one question. Even though this guy’s attack is fairly strong, its strength was the ability to give you an abnormal status of “DOWN” in the game. Those inflicted would experience a faint-like effect and would be in a state where they would not be able to move for a fixed interval. The question that was starting to sink down on me was who would be inflicted with it.
Perhaps Katie would provide support by attacking with magic… if so, then the role of providing the other kind of support would fall unto me.

“Here I come!!!”

Shouted Fili, he was definitely raising his fighting spirit now that the battle had started.
The first move came from Fili. The attack hit the ‘Demon Beast’ Splendidly and from an attack like that, damage is certainly received.

Though even if it did, that amount is still not enough to defeat the Boss… It started to fight back. When we thought that it’s movement had suddenly come to a stop, the enemy suddenly used it’s forefoot with claws and performed an attack that carried a strong force.

Fili was able to defend and receive it with his sword but… the attack still broke through. He wasn’t able to kill of the attack’s force and is struck by claws at his armor.


Coly called out to Fili and immediately towards him to provide cover. She then threw a slash at which the ‘Demon Beast’ received and staggered somehow.

“―Eat this!!!”

Following up on the slash , Katie fired off an offensive magic. The magic used was… a flame class spell, [Fire Ball]. The basic magic that hurls out a ball of fire is received by the ‘Demon Beast’ and was a direct hit. A splendid display of cooperation… the effects of the attack that hit the boss still remained, this caused it to stop moving for a short time. This was a chance…


An attack was thrown by Fili at that window of opportunity but… the ‘Demon Beast’ somehow repelled it. At that moment, ‘this display of reflexes from the enemy would be bad’ Is what i told myself.
What came afterwards is the figure of the beast about to attack Fili. He instantly understood that blocking the incoming attack was impossible and received it with his sword and shield. The result was… he is thrown away by a great distance.


Looking at it before my very eyes there was no doubt about it, Fii has clearly been afflicted with the [DOWN] status… If so, what was needed is this.


Along with my voice, I quickly applied recovery magic towards him. This magic is called “The Holy Water of the Heavens”, an intermediate class magic that recovers HP and any abnormal status.
Small quantities of light converged around Fili and healed his wounds afterwards. Subsequently, I felt lost in regards to providing support and using recovery magic.

“Thank you very much.”

Fili immediately reorganized his posture then dived in once more. Somehow, the help seems unnecessary… that is what I felt.

Continuing with the battle that lasted some 15 minutes, the ‘Demon Beast’ was defeated. The time it took is not that far off if compared to the game. Well… you might say that such differences were things already expected.

“With this, the request should be completed”

Fili muttered this as he picked up the items dropped by the Demon Beast.

“According to the obtained information, such a monster wasn’t supposed to lurk deep inside the cave but as expected… isn’t this due to the influence of the Mazoku reaching here?”
“Perhaps… that may be the reason”

Fili’s question is answered by Coly wearing a serious face. I along with Katie only nodded in agreement to her answer.

“Now then… let’s head back”

Fili informed. Although what we completed at the cave is something different from the original request, I was still able to form a party and fight alongside the Hero… that itself was a really good experience.


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