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Now i present to you Part 3 of 5 in the prologue of our story.

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Now then, since it’s already good that I’m leveling up through combat, I’m still a child that hasn’t even grown passed 10 years old yet. For example, if I want to go to a faraway place to achieve the level of experience I want, I’ll need to consult my parents first. I’m sure that they’ll object to it but if I go out secretly and were then become unable to get home on time, that would also be bad. As it’s already decided, for now I’ll try to make myself grow to some extent and earn the needed experience within the vicinity of my house.

If only there was a magic that could enable me to use “Warp” then all of my problems would immediately be solved but, this type of magic was never heard of, it is unattainable so this was something I can do nothing about.

I’ll need to acquire more knowledge alongside my studies in learning magic. I was able to acquire Beginner Magic by self-study but in order for me to memorize intermediate magic, there were conditions needed. For that reason, I have decided to further expand my knowledge first.

Even though you can get a lot of Magic from using Magic Books in the game, as expected I won’t have much time to earn the needed experience level and learn magic at the same time.

Therefore before the beginning scenario starts, it is essential for me to improve my magic and so I started to pull out all what I have from my memories, especially those pertaining to movement magic. From the magic within the Wind Class, there was a magic about high-speed movement. If it’s this I can use it and the effective range is wide… the amount of Magical Power or MP as it was referred in the game used increases… I’ll somehow be able to use this magic however I’ll need to instill discipline into myself since the consumption amount increases with prolonged use and will more likely serve as a good experience for me.

Incidentally, majority of the monsters that were defeated turn into dust but, inside them were cases that contain items. This material system was something that didn’t exist in the game, instead of crafting materials what you now get instead was traded out from gold. Well, I only need enough money for things like replacing my weapon but… Just this once for the sake of saving money, I decided to keep everything.

And so… for about half a year I continued to live my life like that. The Influence of the Demon Clan had gotten a bit stronger that the amount of monster increased, thus I was blessed of being able to hunt more monsters. Somehow a lot of people… Mercenaries and soldiers were routinely arriving in town in order to deal with the monsters and a rule had been established as avoid them. Also when I wasn’t in town, I too was battling monsters continuously for half a year. In that period in order to reach the conditions of using magic for intermediate and higher ones, I had increased my level intensely.

Even if it was morning, the afternoon, or at the evening, I kept on swinging my sword intensely that at this point in time and at this age, I had already exceeded everyone in this town. Even if I accumulate a mountain of dust full of weak enemies I continued to beat them. And so, when I had reached the usage time of one day for the high speed movement magic I had thought to myself.
“Perhaps, this is still not enough…”

In order not to die, moreover it is essential to get stronger… There is indeed a free-scenario system in the game besides that, the growth of the Heroes is also somehow done as how you please it to. It means that your character can learn whatever technique and magic you would want it to, it’s that kind of system… Even now in this world that has become a reality it is still applicable, even if it’s just a single person it is still possible to face a strong monster. For once I would like to face off with a stronger monster; I’ll be expanding my area of operations the following day.

I got up early in the morning, for the time being let’s have a go and dive into the ruins. Inside were the small fries already bundling themselves together, even if I receive their hits the damage would be zero. And so, I continued to walk into places people would normally avoid in search of stronger opponents. As soon as a monster left the living area, its level rose up. I faced the enemy and started to defeat it. Somehow, I was still able to remember what the enemy’s movements were from the 15 play-troughs that I have done and had used that knowledge to my advantage. And then, since I had faced a much stronger monster, the experience value that I’ll be getting would naturally rise… furthermore, the time spent in this past six months I was finally able attain usage of intermediate level magic.

There was this feeling of wanting to do something like “Item Synthesis” and “Strengthening”… such knowledge was attainable, there were some people that were knowledgeable of the craft to some extent that such know but, the environment to produce such things doesn’t really exist. There was an event in the game where you would go to a certain town where you can learn and borrow the workshop but, there’s no way such an event would occur to me. If I think about it there was one thing that comes into mind.
“Now then, what should I do…?”

I have enough gold and the materials are something that I can somehow secure so, the problem would be the space that I’ll need to secure them. However, doing that within the town, if I think about it would be bad…

I continued to beat down monsters as I was thinking but, at that time, I found myself at the mountain range around the western part of town.

The monsters in the surface of the mountain are few, furthermore they aren’t that strong either… I then used wind magic and flew to the air to try and reach the summit of the mountain, passing through I noticed that what was behind me was an endless grove of trees. When I first came here, I was really fascinated with the scenery but as time passed by, I’ve already became accustomed to it and it has now become a terribly familiar scenery… that was what I had thought at this time.


Suddenly, what I discovered was a cave placed on a steep side of the mountain. Such a precipitous cliff would of course be inaccessible to humans if they were to travel to it by foot… Casually turning to its direction, I slowly entered into the center of it using wind magic. What was in there was a reasonably large cave opening. Arriving inside, I used light magic to illuminate the place and searched the insides. There was neither a presence of monsters nor any living things inside, with each step I took the sound of my footsteps was resounding throughout the place.

The place was large in itself and also, I wonder how many paths were branching out here. After checking, all the branching paths without exception were dead-ends… inside each was a space that if compared to a normal house, it was still relatively larger that I feel each of them can be made into something.

“This place… is it possible to make it my base?”

With the plans of making the cave as a substitute for a storehouse, I decided to get my hands on it. It’s good that it was not a place that far away from the town and it really eases my mind that I won’t have to worry about the public knowing. Furthermore, I really like the scenery of the place too.

So from this point on, I’ll be earning the experience that I need and gather more raw materials. For that reason saving up more money would be needed… however, the basic things that I would be need to do doesn’t change. Every day I’ll be beating up monsters, gather all the gold and purchase different kinds of raw materials. Within those I’ll need to increase my level more by going to different places and fighting stronger monsters. Repeating that and in between those activities, I’ll be creating armor and such and will be equipping myself with the complete facilities needed to do so. And so without noticing the time, a whole year had already passed.


I have reached this level, I was able to use magic and techniques from the advance class, and I have also reached a level where the other adventurers cannot follow. I have finally reached this stage.

Could this be, as expected the potential of “Luon” as a character himself bearing fruit… although, there are other reasons to consider. This was basically because the tendency of Adventurers avoiding the monsters was strong. The reason perhaps for that was it was careless to fight monsters that you had no knowledge of, so as to say they most likely don’t earn the knowledge to most of the monsters.

If you think about it, I know a lot about the monsters so I’ll be alright that I can fight fiercely… Around here this would likely be the greatest advantage that I could have ever had.

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