Hi everyone, Roa here.

As you can see, I won’t be able to post any chapters until next week due to the following reasons:

> It’s the end of the month and work ends usually piles up, it’s the usual cycle and it takes most of my time. (Month end reports and presentation)
> after the grueling load of work, I’ll be needing to join the family for vacation so I’ll be away from the internet and PC for quite some time.

I’ve already done quite some amount on the things listed on my queue but I’ll update them once I return.

I’ve already fixed the comment Captcha so it should be working fine now, that was a blunder on my end.

So as an apology,here’s also something to share that i grabbed from Anime-suki Forums. You know who she is already anyways 😀

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It’s okay! I’ll be waiting for you to update Sword of Philosopher and damn she looks hot.