Well I was about to post chapter 20 today but I still need to TL 2 more pages. We’ll post it tomorrow instead!

I was doing chapter 11 of mistaken genius and got stuck at some phrases so I had less time to work at SotP.

You can check the chapters here:

I also recommend the novel as its funny and the chapter I TLed this time too was quite enjoyable.


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hello I would like to ask you if I could take over Tsuki ga michibiku POV, I am translate at light novels world and I like this novel and have truthfully got bored of waiting for these (Please do not take offense of this as I understand you have your own life and burdens) I would release a chapter a week and I believe since you must also like this novel this would be benefical for you. I believe this would also lower the burden on your life and lower your responsiblities. I also read Kenja no tsurugi and would… Read more »