We’re now at the final Chapter for the prologue (at last!). Since I’m still busy at work next chapter update might be within Thursday and Sunday next week.

Translator: Roaclaynous
Editor: Thor

Finally, the time where the story plays out is near.

“Well then, I’ll be going now.”

I’m only noticing it now but I have already turned 18. This was also the age Luon had when the story from the game started so the time of the opening scenario is mostly likely near.

With the support of my parents I started my journey as an adventurer. As expected, my parents were still against it originally but I was somehow able to make them agree to it to some extent and earned their acknowledgement. I was able to secure funds that would support the two of them from continuously hunting monsters, and what I had given them gives me enough ease that they would be able to live comfortably. And so, with feelings of happiness and sadness lingering through the atmosphere as I bid them farewell, I can see tears falling from my parent’s eyes and cried a bit myself while they are bidding their goodbyes.

Even though I was not someone whom you can call Heroic, everybody in town had already acknowledge me and had even given their fare shares of farewells… Well then, what would happen from here on out will be important.

After reaching a place where the gazes of the people would not reach, I activated the magic to return to my base. In there was what had become a place where gold and silver gather to rot. The money in here was at amount where it could support a large country’s campaign for war.

In there, my eagle eyes fell upon on a specific spot. These eyes of mine if looked upon were clearly similar to that of an eagle but it was an enhancement that was being maintained through the use of magic.

“Now then, the situation is…”

What I was looking through was a familiar that I had made for the sake of gathering information. As the start of the story is nearing, I’ll need to locate and gather info regarding what actions the Heroes would be taking. There was a need to confirm whether or not some things had changed and the way to know this is through confirming the things that they had done so far. I had this familiar of mine fly to the place of the nearest Hero and by doing that, I was able to grasp the current situation by seeing various scenes.

The result was that I was seeing no strange actions from the Heroes at this time. The atmosphere was also according to the scenario based on what I had observed from the Demon Clan’s side. I was elated after confirming that the scenario moving forward to what I had known. I then continued to think of things as I released a single sigh of relief.

I was having feelings of nervousness and my body was starting to feel weird as the moment of the event is nearing soon. I have pretty much done what I like to my heart’s content and the result of that was I became an existence that there would be possibly no one in this world can beat me but… The one that I cannot defeat was the Demon King. That was somehow the only regret that I had so far…Well, lamenting over it was something that I had already thought of as unnecessary anyways. I then used the magic for movement once again.

The Destination was… The place where Luon and the Heroes had first met. It was a town called Fint located in the southern part of the continent where influence of the monsters had reached only by a small amount.

At this point, I was steadily recollecting the events to transpire as I was treading the path laid out to the town. It was a place that would take several days to reach and that place that needs to become a familiarized form from the game. The houses were similar in appearances and as I had expected, similar to the game the houses were lined up quite nicely that you can almost see everything and the population was around the medium amount for a town. In the area around the town, moderately leveled monsters can be seen lurking in ruins and caves but seeing a lot of adventure-ish looking people was a good sign.

For now, confirming the town’s current state of affairs would be set as the goal this time. Somehow I was able to visit a shop that deals with second hand goods and was able to take advantage of the items that were already bad and bought a few things then left afterwards.

I would want to synthesize and do smithing on weapons and equipment without resorting to another shop… is what I felt and even though there was no use for all that gold, in the end I still continued to save up… aah, that’s it.

I decided to reserve the inspection of the town for later and started to move. After leaving town, I quickly used magic to accelerate my speed. It was to an extent that I almost passed my destination that I had arrived at.

The place I had arrived to was the hideout that Luon had used from the game. How Luon was able to utilize this place before was something I wanted to confirm beforehand.

The hideout, even if you call it that, its appearance was small and that of a hunter’s hut. Looking at the door the key was hanging from the latch and the lock was already undone so I was easily able to enter after turning it to open the door.

What was inside… dust? Dust was piling up throughout the place to a point that the floor was no longer visible. It was in a state where I obviously thought of not utilizing the place and decided to let myself in while bearing with the scattered pile of dust.

I was able to find a desk with a drawer installed in it so I decided to search through it and found a key. I wanted to know what this key was for so I went to the door on the other the shack, an exit maybe, and see if it works there… Splendid, I was able to enter. It seems like this was the key to an inner cabin.

Perhaps it was abandoned as it is… not unless a monster had appeared and they were perhaps forced to abandon the place.

I again entered the front room for the second time; this was in order to confirm something. I was sure that below this place was a room where Luon had originally stashed all of his items; a cellar for storing away goods was hidden underneath. I closely surveyed the floor and somehow found some marks and then… finally I found the door.

What I found after opening the door was, nothing… there was nothing inside it. Thereupon, a small smile floated upon my face. For starters, how about we prepare for the upcoming event first, is what I had thought I would do.

The sub-events where the Heroes ‘rescues someone’ in the free-scenario apparently number to a reasonable amount. However, the only event where one can obtain items was only Luon’s. Also, entering this sub-event may also be categorized as something suspicious but… well, the only event where the Heroes would be involved with a person is Luon’s so it should be fine. Now let’s do the long awaited preparation.

Getting a feel on something, I was repeatedly shaking my hand. It was the leather made bracelet that I had made coiling around my upper arm. Even if you call it leather, it was formed by synthesizing the different items that I had and from the game’s perspective, I think this should be equal to a very durable metal then after some time… what appeared before me was magic formation.

What we see here is an application of what we call Summoning Magic… The bright light was emanating from the formation and what had appeared before me was, a storage box made out of wood.

There was no limit to the amount of items that you can obtain from the game but as expected of the real world, right now it does not go that way. However at any given situation, I can retrieve anything that is stored in the base if wish to… And the device that allows me to do that is this leather bracelet that allows me to summon a storage box from the base by injecting my magic into it. I have about 10 of these storage boxes by the way… inside the only things contained in it were some cheap items so the possibility of me using this was zero since I got all I needed, once again I injected magic into the bracelet in order to store some of the boxes back to the base.

And so by doing this, I overcame the hurdle of reality regarding the use of items as I gained the freedom of being able to retrieve my items anywhere… Now from the summoned storage box, I placed the items of slightly different kinds from what you would get from the game into the Hunter’s Hut.

Those were hidden in the underground cellar earlier that was meant to store goods… Then suddenly, I came to perceive a full length mirror standing out in the corner of the hut. Such a big mirror, even if it was in this world this was splendidly made. I do remember seeing some of the same kinds in the mansion when I was a child but… My interest is welling up; I wish to see the form of my current self.

Looking through the mirror, what I recognized the brown dyed hair from the time of the game, with neither a good nor bad looking face, the appearance of a man wearing a brown colored cloak stood. The form I see in front of me, I continued to observe… it was on a level that was not that odd but the ambience of things feels a little different somehow… Indeed, I wonder if this was just my imagination.

To confirm the odd feeling that I was having, I decided to change equipment and viewed the mirror again. The overcoat from the game was left as it is as for the sake of resembling the appearance from that time. Opening the overcoat, I can see the leather armor that I was wearing. With the help of blue dying agent, the armor that I was wearing from the shoulder down looked like simple leather armor and underneath that was self-made white wear from top to bottom. Then, hanging on my neck was a single pendant embedded with a type of talisman inside it. Hanging from my waist, a long sword can be seen. Somehow, remembering how I was able to mold the size of the blade to the scabbard, I drew the sword and a fine silver blade can be seen. Next was the blue bracelet coiled around my right arm. Finally adding up the leather equipment on my left hand, another bracelet colored with red can be seen.

This was all of it, these were all things that I had created from scratch. After finishing the gathering of raw materials, I took advantage of the things I remembered from the game and improved this equipment through repeated studies. The brown overcoat looked plain on the outside but at this point, due to the defense ability of the cloak, even if a monster from the dungeon were to attack with magic, the damage can be reduced to zero. In addition, if you sum up the leather armor and the under-wear’s (clothes worn underneath the armor) defensive abilities, I’m confident that even if it was the final dungeon’s last boss, the damage of the attack can also be turned to zero… most of all, the membrane of the enemy’s attack is built by the formation of magic so such as forming a barrier to negate it was possible. Most likely, I think the strength of defense from the game was included and was the same here but… I was able to forge that level of strength in defense not only in myself but also in the quality of equipment that I had made which equated to an absurd amount of defense. About all this, it was all measures that I had taken for the sake of absolutely not dying.

Included in those was the pendant that I was wearing around my neck for the sake of countering any abnormal situations if it may arise. Its effect was where all of the unique attacks that are directed to me or are unknown to me are to be pushed aside automatically as a result and as of now, no matter what kind of attack I receive, I was no longer afraid.

About the bracelets that I have, on my right hand was a type of tool that enhances my strength while the one on my left deploys a barrier. It was already at a level where receiving an attack will be alright but as expected, not performing the action of dodging would be the main reason for suspicion as it was not an expected behavior.

Then finally was the sword… this sword is actually a very, very common long sword. Because if a weapon in regards to how it looks good and handles well was stolen it would most likely be put into bad use, and would be troublesome in a lot of ways. However in a battle where getting near each other were to happen, the victor will be decided to the one that would be able to use both magic and weapons to create openings. Around that was possible to customize once, the sword that was imbued with magic could also perhaps break the barrier of the Demon King and beat the Demon King after letting in a single strong attack is what I think but… honestly speaking, it was too much to consider.

After giving a final glance at the full length mirror before me, I turned my back and immediately activate the quick movement magic. I wonder if in the time that had elapsed, the Heroes may have already started to make their moves.

With the remaining memories of my previous life that I hold firmly, into what kind of flow the conversation would go, looking back to it, I would be able to somehow understand… The problem was identifying how many events can be booked that the possibility of denying would not be possible. Thanks to the events following original commencement of the game’s story, the Demon King’s side had already started to move throughout the place unlocking different events that can be accepted immediately. As expected from looking at the games perspective, the time table is still unsettled that in order for things to go my way by this time, I’ll need to force my way through with will power and take actions else I would not be known.

Inside my head, I was already collecting all kinds of information… Meanwhile, I need to get lodgings in the village. Afterwards, I’ll try to remember every bit of information from the opening scenario of the story.

As I thought even if it’s just a little, tension was already running all throughout my body.

Finally the end of the prologue, one of the longest monologues I’ve read definitely.

So here is a quick summary of what you’ve read past 5 chapters in case you forgot.

ch.1 > MC Dies in Earth, Reincarnated into Game World that he was addicted to and was just playing before Kuruma-san (sorry Truck-san) killed him when he was about to buy grubs from the convenience store.
ch.2 > Infant to 5-6 years old, learned where he is and tried to learn more of his situation (not much he can do about his house since he’s still a toddler.)
ch.3 > Battles monsters every day to gain power, studied magic till intermediate level, found a base that he can use to forge and synthesize.
ch.4 > Level Grind till he became powerful enough to go toe to toe with Demon King and possibly Kill him…HOWEVER DUE TO PLOT REASONS, The barrier of the Demon King is impenetrable and can only be broken by those who carry the blood of the Sage(AKA Heroes, there are 5 of them actually). Since it was impossible to solo Demon King, he needs to stick to the script of the game as much as possible in order to follow the enemy’s movement else everything goes boom.
ch.5 > reaching the age of 18 years, MC is now a pledged adventurer and heads to the town where the game begins, we get to know his Equips and all too OP. MC also leaves items in the hideout of the Luon from the game for the Heroes to grab later when he goes through the event(If successful).

MC’s Equipment:
>Pendant that negates unique/surprise attack
>High Defense Leather armor and inner wear (Top to bottom)
>Very, very common Long Sword (that is really a Demon King killing magic item)(lol)
>High Defense Overcoat
>Blue Bracelet of Enhancement of Strength
>Red Bracelet of Conjuring Barrier
>Arm Band of Summon Storage Box

Gold = Too much to count

Items = Too Many to count (almost all kinds)

Class: Blacksmith/Synthesizer/Swordsman/Wizard

Current Party Members: None for now




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