This is the 1st chapter(basically 6th) of the story after the prologue. Story is mostly written in the MC’s point of view but we are at least having actual conversations now. As you may have heard i’m also working on the POV chapters of Moon Led journey(still at 20% completion) which is 2-3 times longer than that of a chapter from  Kenja no Tsurugi so I’ll only be having this chapter posted for this week. A lot of RL Work are still coming through my desk but hopefully i’ll be back to updating a chapter every 3-4 days by next week.

I tried my best to not deviate how the phrases and words were written so expect a lot of “….” and “――”. I’m still your translator/editor for this chapter by the way. ― Roaclaynous

Update: I express my thanks to Thor for Editing this chapter.

Translator  ― Roaclaynous
Editor  ― Thor

――That day, when I came to visit the town of Fint, I was loitering around to patrol the area, I entered the only house with a Bar afterwards. There were a lot of adventurers already so business seems to be booming and even though it’s still just before noon, seems like there are already people who are drunk here.
I accommodated myself and sat at the place near the window, afterwards a female waitress came so I requested a light meal and some water… now that you think about it, I’m here at a Bar as Luon although I’m 18 years old. Well~ the age of an adult is likely different here so I’m not particularly breaking any laws by being here even if I do drink some, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

(Legal Drinking age: Japan 20 / USA 21 many thanks to the person that pointed that out.)

I looked around and surveyed the interior of the store secretly- So, today is finally the day where the scenario begins.

According to the information that I have gathered through my familiars the Heroes have yet to move out, apparently the one in here is… the Hero that I have selected from the last time I played. Being here and looking from the Game’s standpoint, I can become a comrade of the Hero as I am currently a character of that existence… I wanted to try that kind of approach however, bearing in mind the possibility of an unknown interference I decided, let’s not do that.

“Etto…The scenario of this Hero is…” (TN: Etto == Well/huh/ehh/what’s up)

Once more, I looked back into my memories. His Scenario calling out and does not prevent the “Royal Road”. This village will be razed by the Mazoku and he will go fight them, this will result in an encounter with various people- that was what I felt would happen. (TN: Royal Road: Path to become Emperor/King-hood/Royalty in general)
Something like coming out at the beginning or latter half of the scenario and having preparations, meeting everyone but not joining the party, in the end we will all of them gather and in time? I too will be more or less be thrilled and join them.

I continued to ponder as I was drinking water while waiting for the Heroes… there were no mistakes, judging from the game’s perspective those that can become Heroes definitely exists in this world. My greatest current concern was, who among them would have the scenario of defeating the Demon King, is what it comes down to. This right here was particularly special, if there was a case where The Five Great Mazoku challenges the Heroes to appear, the circumstances in seeing that would by far be surely better.
It would be good for them to defeat them without my interference but… at the time that I thought about it, the doors of the bar opened up.

The one who stood at the entrance was, a young man with angelic black hair. He was wearing a leather made breast plate and boots, hanging from his waste was a well-used long sword, he then zealously went inside and called out the shopkeeper in back.
He came――This guy is one of the Heroes, Fili Acrais. Someone who has yet to become an adventurer is the appearance that he gives out but, I had felt that there was this sensation of him already surpassing a group as compared to others.

He would more or less break down a conversation with the shopkeeper… If it would be according to the scenario he would receive a subjugation request for monsters inside the ruins. It was a place where adventurers had naturally walked into many times so there shouldn’t be any items of importance left but… due to the event, he would discover a hidden path and obtain an item.
Afterwards, they will return to the bar and provide a report to the shopkeeper that would garner an interest at him and would then provide another request… that would be repeated many times and afterwards, my dead end will be waiting and the event where demons attack will spring forth.

He would strike a conversation with the shopkeeper and would survey the inside of the bar afterwards. Surveying the inside, a voice of a single man echoed the room. After an exchange of about two to three words… a man stood up.
The voice that was heard by Fili earlier came from this man that then went outside. He was most likely inviting someone outside. What followed afterwards was a voice coming from a female warrior.

She too in agreement also went outside of the bar- Suddenly he, as if it was normal, became interested at the invitation. This was something you do as a player from the game, and yet the act of striking a conversation with someone was something one needs to get familiar with however, one needs to be able to understand the norms if we look from the reality of it.
Still continuing with the observation, another person’s voice came… he was there, the voice came within the group of drunken men. As expected I felt that this one was not an invitation, he turned around to hear the information is what I had thought.

He loitered around the bar many times… before long, I drew myself closer to him.
Uh huh, I really do feel nervous. No, not that I’m particularly nervous as it’s not really necessary to be but-

“Excuse me”

In a slightly higher voice, I in response turned my head towards him. There, Fili was standing.
“I was thinking of going to the ruins located to the east of town but… If it would be alright with you, I was wondering if you could inform me of a few things.”

――There was as a courtesy between adventurers where information was exchanged, this was something that was very, very normal. Adventurers usually stay at the bar to drink with each other, converse with each other and although some conflicts may occur they would get acquainted was the impression that I had, it was such a characterization that gives birth to camaraderie that if a life was lost, both food and wine would no longer taste good. Therefore every bit of information that can aid in raising the chance for survival is exchanged.

“…You there, are you going to the ruins?”

This is what I said to Fili in response… it would be good if the words would come out as it was in the game but… As expected, it would be bad to pass out the wrong information as it may result in death.


Fili replied, I “Already know” what to reply with… how I would answer was something I searched within my head, and had continued to simulate. Come now, I faced the Hero and answered with the dialogue that I had thought with much deliberation-

“I see, le-le-let me gi-give you one piece of advice then.”

I was tense, the voice that came out sounded nervous.
The reply that I gave made Fili frown. Is it possible that he heard me wrong- is what I had felt, I balanced my voice and prepared the words I would answer.

…This is bad, I feel really nervous. Right now as it is at this place in reality, I would really become the story character. That much I would want to avoid. Good, I recomposed myself again and continue-

“At the ruins, inside… frequently, that, medicine, grass will drop, monster, exist…”

I fumbled miserably. Just now, I can see that Fili’s eyes turned into dots.

Aaaahhhh~, this is the worst. I’m having this unpleasant feeling of sweat from the back of my body.

I mean it’s that. This is an event from one of the Game’s Heroes so I had no choice but to feel nervous. I convinced myself to be calm; l wasn’t able to familiarize myself in conversations in this world… first and foremost. To be also involved with the Heroes at that, the blood completely went into my head.
This is bad. If I don’t reorganize my thoughts properly, I’ll become a joke character in a different essence.


Fili bent his neck to the side as if to ask a question. Therefore I cleared my throat once and spoke.

“Ahh, sorry.”

For now I’ll apologize first. Fili replied half halfheartedly with a “haa-” sound as a response, and I had yet to prepare the words I’ll provide in my stance.
OK, It’s now or never… with the nervous feeling within me I turned my head over and over to find the right words to speak.

“Well that’s… inside the ruins…”

I fumbled. With no chance of defending I fumbled again.

Afterwards Fili with a complex facial expression answered with a “thanks” and left abruptly. Those that were around us did not hear our conversation as our voices were only heard among us… I then fell on the table and prostrated myself.

“…I’ve gone… and done it…”

Not only was I not able to pass out the information, I wasn’t even able to recite what was needed and was like a joke character…uuuuh, no matter how strong I had become I would eventually still be unable be in this kind of position after all. (TN: being unable to escape a joke character status I think)
I was unable to move for a brief moment as I was prostrating myself, the conversations within the bar then became noisy as it entered through my ears. It looks like the damage was larger than expected. (TN: he was clearly hearing the conversations earlier but now it’s only noise, haha such fail)

Well, for now I should head back to the inn and calm myself down. Once I had decided in my head I stood up from my seat and left the bar.
I then faced the entrance and headed out and along the way, I saw Fili having a long chat in front of the Tools Shop… I produced a deep long sigh after taking a short glance at their direction… limply I returned back to the inn afterwards.

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