Looks Like I’ll be posting Kenja no Tsurugi Chapter 12 first. I’ve been juggling the POV of Mio and Kenja translation during my free time and it seems that I’ll be finishing kenja first.

I had to reboot translation of the POV from the start because the .txt file got corrupted. It’s around 8000 characters to boot and It’s been quite some time since I touched it so I had no choice but to do it all over again.

Kenja chapters on the other hand are around 2800 characters so the probable ratio that we’ll have for chapter releases once i get my motivation up to a hundred percent would be 3 chapters of kenja and 1 chapter for tsuki.

I’ll post a chapter at before the 24th Oct. Hopefully I get both of them done -_-

Although I’ve been having a schedule for translation and not being able to stick to it, I’ll keep a promise nevertheless to have a chapter released to the best of my ability.  <RL makes me stressed> <Had to play games to forget such stress>

I’m also looking for some good guys that would be able to help me on:
> Grammar checks for my self edited translation
> Translation check or someone to talk about lines i don’t understand
> editors/proofreaders.

The process i follow for translation is
>I read the whole chapter in japanese >> read and translate each paragraph/sentence into english >> After typing it into english read the whole chapter again >> Retype the whole thing in English that makes a lot of sense >> self proof read >> release it.

If anyone are kind enough to help do contact me in novelupdates: Roaclaynous

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