Sword of the Philosopher / 賢者の剣

I’ll be updating the links once the chapters have been posted. For now, I’ll be aiming to at least finish 1 or 2 chapters every 2 weeks (RL Concerns). If you have any other suggestions or concerns as to how the chapter’s title was translated feel free to correct or suggest them to me. (Basically, I’m a noob at translating, I’m mostly a reader so do point out mistakes. Be merciful though…)

Because of an accident he had died and was reincarnated into another world. There he was reincarnated as a baby and was to start a new life. He then later learns that the world he had reincarnated to was the game that he had already played. Moreover, he was reincarnated into the character who was set to die early into the game’s opening scenario. In order to not follow the same fate of dying, he utilized all of his knowledge of the game to make himself stronger. Before long he was able to attain unparalleled strength and skills. He then marched forward unto the continent the Demon Lord had decided to conquer.

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Prologue | Reincarnated into another world / 異世界への転生
1.  Beginning of the Reincarnation / 始まりの転生
2. Understanding my circumstances and start of training / 状況把握と修行開始
3. Establishing the Base / 拠点作成
4. The conditions for beating the Demon King / 魔王を倒すための条件
5. The final preparations / 最後の準備

Arc 1 | The Story’s beginning to move / 動き始める物語
6. The Scenario’s Beginning | シナリオの始まり
7. An Invitation from him | 彼からの誘い
8. Special Qualities of a Hero | 主人公の特性
9. A Certain character’s Question | とある人物の質問
10. The Day of the attack | 襲撃の日
11. A consideration from town | 村への配慮
12. A request from her |  彼女への要求
13. Rescue Operation | 救出作戦
14. Contact with the King | 王達との接触
15. A proposal for the King王への提言
16. The Princess’ Determination | 王女の決意
17. Organizing the current situation | 現状整理
18. Incidents at the Mansion | 屋敷前の出来事
19. A Certain Request | とある依頼
20. Her Battle | 彼女の戦い
21. Desperate Struggle at the forest’s depths | 森奥の死闘
Arc 2 | Journey with the Princess / 王女との旅路
22.  Towards the next objective | 次の目的地
23. シルフの住処
24. とある手助け
25. 予想外の遭遇
26. シルフの女王
27. 記憶のある会話
28. 仲間キャラからの提案
29. 天使の遺跡へ
30. NPCの出現
31. アーティファクトを守る存在