First of all, thank you for Pheng in donating and i express my apologies for just seeing it now. I just logged backed in on all my accounts today so i just saw it. Kindly leave a comment on what you want translated and I’ll do it ASAP. 

I just came back. MIA for almost 3 months. Sorry about that. I got a lot of things that i was stressed about that i had to remove a lot of things in my daily routine.

I see that someone else had picked up Dragon’s Peak in my stead. I know i was suppose to do that but as you can see i got really sidetracked from my original plans. I’m actually happy that someone else took it up and hopefully, they continue to do it consistently.

I’ll continue with my original project and pick up the pace. Since i got a donation of 10$ I’m thinking that it’s for SotP so i’m placing that there for now.

I’ll be logging back in to discord daily so If you need to ask anything just send me a message there or leave a comment.

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[…] first off, apologies as i just came back. I posted a thingy earlier you can check it at this link here. 12 more chapters owed out of 13 and 1 Sponsored chapter […]


First off, welcome back, I hope you’ve relieved yourself of your stress and also just make sure to take things as they come one at a time. You’ll catch up on the chapters in time so there’s no need to add that as stress, and also I wish you luck in your daily endeavours.


I been meaning to ask how the fck can i donate cause i dont trust paypal! >=(