Some of you may have wondered if the site is still active, well it is… but not soon though 🙁 (Around 2nd week of august maybe?)

Well… I’m currently on one of the exhausting weeks of my life where i would just want to sleep the whole day off.. (Can’t even finish all my backlog games anymore LoL)

I’m still translating the chapters but i can only do it around 3 hours each week due to a mixture of studying/reviewing/working etc.

I have them(translations) saved up on my phone and PC so once I am freed of all these things I am currently working at right now, I’ll be dedicating a whole day just sitting and translating while I drink coffee or something.

I do apologize for the lack of response these past few days (Weeks maybe?), rest assured that I’ll have content on this site. It’s a waste to pay on servers to not have a use for it right?


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glad that you’re still alive though, and also thank you for this update it kinda gave me hope though I may sound conceited I’m really thankful for the work that you do


Thanks for your great work you total ledge